young love

The Juniors go to Salem every year.  Jacob went last year and he enjoyed it so much that when he had the opportunity to go again this year (with the Junior class), he was all for it.  His brother Ethan is in the Junior class, and so is his girlfriend, Emily.

I picked them up after school yesterday; Jacob, Emily, Grace, and Ethan, and I immediately got an earful.

I was a tired mama at the wheel, smiling because I love them so much and listening to their chatter lifted my spirits.

“Mom Salem was SO fun”

“I had a caramel macchiato”

“hot or cold?”


“I had a bubble tea, do you know what the bubbles are, Mom?”

“Oh is that the tea that has the chewy balls in it?  I’m not sure what those are, maybe like a tapioca?”

“I need to look it up, I want to know.”

“Ethan wasn’t in our group. the dog.”

“I was with my own friends”

“Mom, since I won’t be in school next year will you and Dad take Emily and me to Salem?  I won’t be able to legally drive her there myself yet.”

“Oh, can I go too?”

“Of course you can Grace, you can go with my brother Nathan.”

“Oh NO.  I am NOT going on a date with Nathan.  I like Nathan but he will never be my boyfriend.”

“Don’t start inviting everyone.  If you do, I won’t go, it won’t be special.”

(long teasing argument about who can go with us, Jacob wants no one Emily wants everyone)

“Do we have to have an argument and discussion about something that’s not even written down yet?”

“I have it written down in MY book.”

“It’s written down in my heart.”

“I love Salem.  We should live there,” says Jacob to Emily.

“Ok,” she says.

BE STILL MY HEART.  Did I really just hear that?

As soon as we got home, Jacob didn’t take a shower.  He didn’t eat.  He sat on the couch because he wanted to show me all his pictures.

He took a picture of everything, his coffee, their lunch food (“She ordered a bagel sandwich because she wanted bacon.  Ironically my sandwich also had bacon on it.”), them kissing (he flipped through those faster), Emily throwing leaves, Emily smiling, Emily this Emily that.


I never dreamed seeing my son in love would warm my heart so much.


the bubble tea


“She made me, mom, that’s why I have that expression on my face.”


J plus E


After they got up and left he turned around and took several pictures of the empty table & chairs.


He posted this picture on his Facebook page.

“I love her so much. She’s so cheerful and happy all the time and she’s all my world. Baby girl you’re the best ever.”

NOTE:  I asked for and received Jacob’s permission to post these pictures.  xo

PS.  I was right.  “Tapioca balls (boba) are the prevailing chewy tidbits in bubble tea, but a wide range of other options can be used to add similar texture to the drink. Green pearls have a small hint of green tea flavor and are chewier than the traditional tapioca balls.”  ~wiki

12 thoughts on “young love

  1. “be still my heart” …oh momma, with your children dating, you’ve just begun to learn the true meaning of prayer! Thankfully, it really helps. God is so faithful.

    • Thank you for understanding so well, Mary. It’s comforting to have a heavenly Father who has our precious children in His hands….I’ve seen how he’s worked in your darling girl — so happy in her marriage! It’s also a comfort to me that my Jacob doesn’t drive yet. 😉

  2. Oh Shanda, your thoughts on young love almost brought me to tears. Took me back to my sixteenth birthday when I first fell in love and the two years following.
    It did not last, at least not for him, but as for me, my heart still my heart skips a beat remembering those beautiful days of first love. I recall an elderly man telling me one day as he observed me at sweet sixteen. “make sure him, young lady, because you never forget a first love” God blessed me with a wonderful husband later on, whom I loved and still love with all my heart, even though he has gone to heaven ahead of me. We had our heaven here on earth. I can’t believe that you sons are old enough to fall in love, they are handsome enough thats for sure

  3. “And they call it…puppy love” 😉 A new chapter and experience for you as a mama! Is any mom ever ready for this stage with their kiddos???
    ohh, thinking of that bubble tea grosses me out!! I think I would gag trying to drink it 😉

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