for my friends


thank you

for calling me
thank you for praying with me
for sharing the things that hurt you,

because then I remember that I can be brave with my hurt, too.
thank you for laughing with me so much
Thank you for those journal bits you send in the mail.

thank you for traveling so far to spend time with me

thank you for loving my children

thank you for understanding

for being gentle

for the blanket you crocheted for me

the scarf you crocheted

the potholder you crocheted

For watching Mr. Rogers with me.

for teaching my daughter sign language

thank you for letting your children visit my family

for the letters

for the gifts

for spoiling me

for being yourself around me


for  being warm and friendly so I know you truly care

making me forget about my phone

for not noticing my faults

for noticing my faults and being amused by them

for noticing things I didn’t think anyone saw

for leaving a comment on my blog every single time


giving my daughter essential oils for her headaches

forgiving me when I cancel our coffee date, again


talking nonstop

letting me cry it out

making me pee my pants


thank you for the fabric napkins you made me

thank you for the quilts you made my babies

for being faithful

for telling me your morbid stories

for telling me when you wear the earrings I gave you

Thank you for teasing me.

Thank you for not pushing me too hard.
for knowing I love cherries, and owls, and cats.

for those pins you send me on pinterest

for the encouraging texts

being real


inspiring me

letting me in

inviting me over

letting me hold your baby

being quiet with me

singing with me

thank you for the vintage cookbooks

all those emails when I needed your guidance and experience

sharing your favorite people with me

sharing your favorite books with me

for saying yes

for being the one to pay for dinner

for making apple pies with me

for making my daughter that purse and filling it with goodies

for thinking of my son when you see something about snakes

the lilac disc pitcher

for all those long walks outside up on the hill

for all the random information about Norway because you know I want to go there

for finding me on Facebook so we can reconnect


Thank you for continuing to love me, and for not treating me any differently, even though I started going to another church.

Thank you for the poem, drawing and bag of truffles you left on my doorknob when I was away.

for the meals you cooked when I had a baby

for the recipes and tips for depression because you know I get that way sometimes.


Thank you for showing me GRACE

I don’t deserve you.

I can’t ever repay you.


But I want to love you back.

And be your friend, too.


This post is for all my friends,

and the pictures are from a day this summer when Joanna drove miles and miles to meet me at a park.

9 thoughts on “for my friends

  1. I absolutely love this idea! My husband started a tradition every evening of naming thankfulness with our kiddos – this post is such a blessing to me – a reminder to focus on ALL we have to be thankful for, all the people God has connected us with. I’m blessed by your friendship! 🙂

  2. I thank you Shanda for being you …for taking time in writing about your amazing family and giving me joy every day reading about them ..for sharing yourself and them with us ….I guess we will never meet but I have great affection for you and your family …you are doing a great job ….well done…..Kindest regards

  3. Thank YOU, Shanda for being such a joy and light of encouragement. You inspire me. I so appreciate all you share with us here. 🙂 Love and Hugs to you, sweet friend.

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