i see fire


It’s raining this morning, I love the sound and the smell!  Caleb just got on the bus.  Seth and Sarah are playing together for about 20 more minutes before Seth’s bus comes to get him for school.

The trees are colorful, I wonder if we are at peak fall beauty?  God’s creation never ceases to amaze and delight!

I am leaving here soon for Community Bible Study.  Our group is studying Romans and this morning we also have a brunch.   I look forward to getting to know my ladies better today.

Last night the High School had a Variety show.  Ethan and Grace sang a duet together.  I was so proud of them!  All the kids did so well, it made us smile no matter what the quality of performance is.  As Jacob said afterwards, we clapped because they did awesome or we clapped because they were brave enough to perform.


They sang a rather dark song that had the phrase “I see fire” repeating in it enough that it also keeps going through my head all day, everyday (from hearing them practice).  The song was from the Desolation of Smaug.  I just looked it up, the title is not surprising, “I See Fire”.

Here’s the official music video from the movie:


Jacob taped their performance, and if i can figure out how to load it I will do so.  They were so cute together up there.


At the end of the song, Grace gave E a cute look, like, “Wasn’t that fun?”


Our church youth group and leadership came out to support them, making the night even more fun!  Thanks, guys!!


Want to hear something neat?  Two of the Youth Group leaders are brother and sister…..and their names are Seth and Sara!  So this is a picture of the four of them, big Seth with little Seth, and big Sara with little Sarah.

It was a great night.

4 thoughts on “i see fire

  1. I remember when my oldest had the lead in Annie at her high school. I think I learned all the words, and they just stuck in my head for ages! I would love to hear the recording of them singing!

  2. very brave! I hope you are able to load it b/c I would like to hear them sing together! If you can not get it loaded you will have to have them sing it again together and tape it with your phone. 😉

  3. How great. I would love to hear them singing. The look on Grace’s face is priceless. How fun that the youthgrp. came to support them, and the two leaders holding your Seth and Sarah is fun too.

  4. I would love to see the video!!! Ethan and Grace look so cute up on stage.

    How cool that the youth group leaders are brother and sister named Seth and Sarah!

    I’d love to see your ‘Fall’…especially if you are at ‘peak’ already! We are just beginning to see slight changes here in the leaves. Every day, there is a little more color, and I’m enjoying every day of it!

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