for Greg and Cindy

My dear Father requested and helped me choose the photos contained within this beautiful slideshow, for the occasion of his 39th wedding anniversary. Yes, on a beautiful summer day long ago, my young parents were married, surrounded by singing birds and all of their loved ones.  It was a lovely outdoor wedding, located on the family farmland of upstate New York.

Through the years, the family has grown, and more importantly, so has their love for one another.

Gather moments while you may
Collect the dreams you dream today
Remember, will you remember
The times of your life

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14 thoughts on “for Greg and Cindy

  1. Such a beautiful life together, I miss family reunions. Each year i looked forward to them when I was little. I remember your parents as quiet and loving. And i remember you were always on the phone. Lol

  2. What a beautiful display of photos. I feel like I got a glimps into their lives through the years and the special bond they share. Happy anniversary to your parents!

  3. This was beautiful, and touching. I only know who your parents are I have never met them, but these pictures show a long life of love and happiness! This had me in tears, what a beautiful job you did!
    Happy Anniversary to your parents! And may they have many more wonderful years together.

  4. That was wonderful. So sweet to see through the years! Shanda you look so like your mom! Congratulations to a wonderful couple. I feel like I know you through Shanda’s wonderful posts. Happy Anniversary!!

  5. Happy Anniversary Greg and Cindy! May you be blessed with many more happy years to come! I have loved getting to know Shanda, her family and you guys through her blog. I’m very touched by the love your family has for one another.

    This is a beautiful presentation, Shanda. You did a great job of putting it together. I loved being able to see these photos. They made me want to cry.

  6. What a beautiful slideshow, indeed! It looks like you’ve been blessed with such a wonderful and fulfilling life through the years, Greg and Cindy! Happy Anniversary to you both! Seeing this video and the love along with your beautiful family touched my heart … made me stop and take a look back through our 32 years of life together, too! Blessings to you both for many more joy filled years of togetherness ahead! 🙂

    *And, thank you Shanda, for sharing your mom and dad’s special day along with their sweet photo memories! Loved it!!

  7. The photos and music nicely tell their history. I remember being there on their wedding day at the pond. Staying married and raising a family in this system of things is not an easy thing to do. You captured the happiness and content that they now experience and deserve from applying the Bible’s counsel in their lives and in raising their family. 🙂 Good choice of photos and music!

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