another summer day



I’m getting ready to go to Joanna’s for the weekend.  I am not taking any of the children with me and I am looking forward to a road trip by myself.

Poor David ended up with the stomach bug after our “Christmas in July” party.  He was sick all night long but felt better the next morning, although weak.

The older children have been involved in evening Vacation Bible school and David was craving beef stew so I took the little ones out yesterday and got groceries and a sub for my dinner.  And beef stew.

In the evening we all went outside.  It seems like all day long I’m telling them to go outside and play, but the evenings are the only time they WANT to be out, as long as I’ll let them, to avoid bedtime.   I gathered eggs from the coop and turned a few cartwheels in the freshly mowed grass.  Sarah jumped on the trampoline.  David and Caleb brought back two cups of wild but beautiful juicy raspberries from up the road and begged me to make muffins.


Caleb made good choices with his birthday money.  His box came today (thank goodness) after he asked me all morning if I thought it would arrive soon.  I was like, “I sure hope so!”, I smiled big watching him meet the UPS man.

He ordered a NERF battle axe and a cool bow and arrow set that all the boys want to play with, even the big ones.

(Shaun the Sheep was on TV when the box came).  Great show, BTW.


All the action at my feet.  I tried to get a shot of the toys but Parker the dog came over just in time to block everything.


Our day began with the delivery of Grace’s new bed.  We are in the process of redoing her bedroom.  Her walls have been painted and her big queen sized bed was taken down, to make room for this twin sized white day bed, with a trundle underneath for sleepovers or stormy nights (when scared Sarah gets to sleep with her sister).

She was in her room today ALL DAY LONG.  If we wanted “Grace time” we had to go visit her.  She hung out with everyone up there today, but she is gone now with Jacob and Mike at VBS.


On My Bedside Table:

The top book is an old black photo album that I bought at an antique store and filled up with printed phone pictures.

The Magic of Ordinary Days is a sweet, slow book.

The Book of Idle Pleasures is full of thoughtful little essays.


Long long ago, I remember sitting by the side of my Mother as she read Little House on the Prairie out loud to us.  My brother David was on the other side.  We sat on the couch and listened intently to the stories.  Now I am doing the same (again) with Caleb.  In the photo you see his legs and my hand, with our book.  Little House has become our daily special time together, he and I snuggled on the couch as I read.  Today I read one chapter.  He slipped away, and I turned over and curled up with a blanket and slept for over an hour.  (I yawned all through the reading).  Reading out loud is a great way to get extra sleepy.


This was my napping spot.  Children ran through the room now and then but I still managed a great nap.  Can you tell this was a big deal to me?  I rarely relax enough to give way to drifting along into sleepy-land.  What a blessing to do so, today.


I try not to over indulge but these muffins were so moist and good, I have had three today.  My mom makes the same recipe.  HERE.



Laughter is good.


Boys on the porch.  I took this picture out the window, the screen is out and the cats and dog jump through the window to get in the house.  Sounds terrible but it’s awful convenient.

Jacob’s friend Mike brought over a watermelon that I’m convinced he just didn’t want to deal with.  He said he can’t eat it all himself but when I cut it up could I please save him some of it to take with him later?

Another notable occurrence from today was that I vacuumed the floor in the living room, every inch, I even pulled away the couches.  There were a lot of little lost things under there, but no money.

I can’t wait til tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come back to the blog tomorrow, I have a beautiful slide show to present.

Happy Thursday, my friends.



5 thoughts on “another summer day

  1. Pretty wrapped gifts:) . Yummy muffins! Great choice on the nerf stuff. MY boys love all things nerf! Speaking of vacuuming under couch cushions… yep. Me too!:) I found a nerf bullet…they are EVERYWHERE! !! 🙂 really like Graces new bed and the trundle for little sara. That’s sweet;). Yes laughter is good. I get too serious lol.
    My husband loves beef stew. I think I’ll go with the sub!
    Took two of my boys to grocery. One of them was putting a huge jar of pickles away I didn’t need. Next thing I know, it’s pickle juice on the floor! They came over the loud speaker clean up on aisle four!
    Have a good time with your friend!:)
    Christina ❤

  2. Oh yeah, Shawn the sheep is good! We used to watch the creator nick parks Wallace and grommit movies. If you haven’t seen them I bet the kids would love them!

  3. oh time at Joanna’s by yourself. such a beautiful blessing. I love your friendship. Every time you or JO shares a book I”m always putting it on my ‘to read’ pile cause I’ve found our reading tastes to be kindred sometimes. love you Shanda

  4. We like Sean the sheep too! Grace’s new paint and bed are soooo pretty! I like to see all of your gang opening boxes, reading, eating, playing. So glad you got a nap!! David asked me if I was reading “magical melons”, as it was in the bathroom. I said, “yup that is my happy bathroom reading”. He laughed at me, but I remember our sweet times reading together,and some of those old fashioned books are just so sweet.

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