six flags


There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart. ~Celia Thaxter

Jacob and Ethan were invited to go with Zachary to Six Flags and yesterday, while they were getting ready to go, my sister Amanda called and asked if I would *go to Six Flags with her*.  She had season passes for her and her children, and they could each bring a friend free that day.  When Caroline came to pick up the boys I told her I was going, too, and she asked if I would take Allie with me as she had no room in her car for her daughter to go with the boys and Allie wanted to go.


We’ve lived in this area for about 14 years and I finally went to Six Flags for the first time.  I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of rides that Seth and Sarah could ride, and I could go on the majority of them with them.

It was a hot day, but dry rather than humid, so we kept spraying on the sunscreen and away we went from one ride to another, to the water park, to more rides, and over priced soda and food, with which to sustain us.  I also brought juice and fruit, and Amanda brought crackers and peanut butter.

We saw the older boys once and they were having a great time.  Amanda couldn’t get over how Jacob and Ethan had grown into men over the last few months she had not seen them.

Surprisingly, little Sarah LOVED all the rides.  To hear her giggle and see her bright eyes was such a delight.  As soon as we got off a ride she asked to go on another.

Seth was tired but perked up after soda and after the sun went down at dusk.  He scared us at one point by taking himself to the bathroom.  He said that he told us he was going, but we didn’t hear him.  Praise the Lord he got himself back to us (there were crowds of people).

Caleb cried when his beloved championship baseball hat flew off on a fast ride.

The only ride Sarah didn’t like at all was the white water rapids, she explained that she hates waterfalls (falling on her face).

In total, it was Amanda and myself, plus Grace, Abbie, Allie, David, Caleb, Seth, and Sarah.

Amanda left with her three at dinner time and since it was my first time there I stayed another couple of hours to get a full day in.

Oh and did I mention, that along with Amanda’s guest passes, the people in front of us in line also shared their 3 guest passes so that I did not have pay for a single entrance fee!  I love Random Acts of Kindness, they do happen and I always take note!!  People are lovely.


the little kids’ swing ride



sitting in a tea cup with Sarah Joy (we rode this twice…we rode a lot of things twice!)



David my little boy who loves to fly, and wants to fly, got to fly…..on the ZOOM JETS



My fun children (plus Allie, who is only “sort of” mine)  I love these people.



“hot air balloon ride” -not the one his hat blew away on-



Sarah and me, with giggles of joy





Seth got to ride on a wild ride which Sarah was too short for.  He sat with Grace, and when it was over he ran back and waved his arms around to show me how the ride went.  Isn’t he handsome?  A favorite memory is watching him dance to some of the songs that played in the park, “I like to move it-move it” was his favorite.


It was the ride the hat blew away on….Caleb was told by the workers that he could get his hat back after the park closed for the night at 11pm.  When I told Rich on the phone later, he said that maybe I could drive back the next morning to get it, to which I replied sarcastically, “Oh, yes!”  And he said, “Thank you, that’s so nice of you Shan.”  LOL  I figured it would be easier to see if Coach has an extra?  Pandemonium was the name of that ride which is exactly what it caused in Caleb’s life.



I was admiring Grace’s eyes, which were bloodshot at this point, but still pretty.  She was a wonderful helper, so were Allie and Abbie, they made a happy threesome, and were SO good to the younger ones (they don’t take any shenanigans, either, which also helps maintain order!).

I think one of the best parts of the day was getting funnel cakes, cheese fries, soda, and slushies with the older kids while Amanda went on a couple rides with the little ones.  Such fun, with an instant energy boost from the junk food.


One last ride on the merry-go-round.  After it started, Grace put her hands down and rode holding the horse with her knees, I could tell she was pretending it was real.


4 thoughts on “six flags

  1. This brings back such good memories. We use to have ‘Astroworld’ that was close to us growing up (later bought out by six flags). So many good memories made there. I love the unbridled joy on Sarah’s face. Poor Caleb. I can understand why he was so distraught to lose that hard-earned cap! Hoping and praying he can get it back.

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