last little league games of the season

It is around 7:30 in the morning and Sarah and I are the only ones awake.  She is tucked in on the couch, warm and toasty, with a pile of books.  She has already eaten a bowl of fruit.  She is my early bird this morning because she is the only one in the family who went to bed at a reasonable hour.  It’s summer!

What a beautiful weekend we had with bright sunny weather and cool nights.  We haven’t had to turn the air conditioners on yet this summer, the humidity has been practically nonexistent.  Yes, the weekend was lovely and on Saturday we got started on Grace’s room.  She and I have plans to redecorate it and it’s such fun pinning photos together on pinterest.  We are painting over her bright pink walls with a light minty green, and a new daybed/trundle is on it’s way from pottery barn.  Currently, the contents of her room are in the upstairs hallway and her little sister’s room.  It is awful messy up there.  We have a lot to do before this project is over, but the main thing is WE HAVE BEGUN and the walls have been primed, ready for their first coat of paint.

Yesterday morning I sat up in bed and stared at the clock, which I believed could not be right.  Then, I picked up my phone to look; it was 9:21.  I woke up Rich and asked him what time he thought it was, “7?” he guessed.   He was shocked when I told him it was almost 9:30.  I don’t think we have slept in that long since we were newlyweds, almost 18 years ago.  Needless to say, we only made it for the actual church service, and not Sunday School.

After church was over, we drove straightaway to the Little League field for five year old Seth’s last game of the season.  As soon as medals were handed out and the sound of the music faded away I felt so lighthearted, we had survived season 2014 with three boys in three different levels of play, on three different teams.  I only cried once, when David’s coach reprimanded me about him not making it to as many practices and games as he should have (I lost him in the shuffle, and the text messages were going to the wrong parent)  No, I did NOT cry in front of the coach (and yes, I was very overtired at the time).  I needed the pep talk, he didn’t miss a single practice or game after that.

ANYWAY, David and Caleb had play offs this past Wednesday and that morning I sighed and wished that (my brother) Uncle Dave could come and watch; so I texted him and just sort of teasingly asked him to come (it’s a 3 1/2 hour trip to our place) and he said no, but then said “I’ll think about it”.  I didn’t hear back from him until 1:00, when he called and said he got busy at work and couldn’t make it.  I said “I understand, it’s okay.”  “What are you doing?” he asked, changing the subject.  “Oh, I’m in bed with Seth, he’s sleeping.”


I got up and ran around the house telling the kids to come quick to see who had arrived!

Yes, surprise and joy; Uncle Dave drove out all spur of the moment to watch his little nephews play ball, in what could possibly be their last games of the year.

We hung around, visiting here at home until it was time to leave for the games.  Jacob showed us his card tricks.  Unfortunately for the teenagers, they had already made plans for an evening at the lake, so they left at 4….and I headed to the fields with my brother in the passenger seat beside me.  I drove him through to see the schools, and we had such a great time at the games, although it got to be late and he had a long drive home.

He drove back to his house through the worst rainstorm and lightening of his life, but was safely in bed by 1:30 that morning.

It was a WONDERFUL day, and I’m so thankful to God for my awesome brother (we are just a year and 3 months apart in age).  My very first best friend.

OH and the boys won their games.

(we watched both games at once, standing in between the fields).


Uncle Dave eating lunch, about an hour after he arrived.


Uncle Dave and Sarah, right after she woke up from nap.  He’s playing piggy with her toes.


With Sarah and Caleb (phone pic)


saying goodbye to Gracie


a hug for Ethan




at the park for the little league games


He was taking pictures of Caleb the catcher.  (this was one of those “oh, this is so wonderful” moments for me)


hanging around with Sarah Joy


this handsome guy was there, too … I love how he gets nervous for our boys as they play….


playing catch with Seth


 I love this picture of happy Seth.


Uncle Dave took Seth over to the Food Shack so he could pick out a candy bar.  He came back and said “I think he had it scoped out because he picked the biggest one!”



They loved their peanut butter cups.  Thank you, Dave, for being fun and strong and wonderfully YOU.


Championship game, Friday

Would you believe it?

Both our teams won, and Dave hit a home run!


David, number 14


getting congratulations from the coach after the game was won


walking around, tossing the glove, happy


Caleb and his coach after they won their game, too


waiting for their trophies


my happy boys!


one last cute moment::

I bought Seth his first two wheeler on Friday and he brought it to the games.

He rode alone, up and down the path by the fields, with a whistle in his mouth, using it as horn when people needed to get out of the way.

Everyone smiled to see this darling:


Happy Monday, friends!

God is good.

6 thoughts on “last little league games of the season

  1. Such a wonderful, uplifting post. Needed that this morning. Such a blessing that your brother surprised you..surprises like that are wonderful!!!

  2. So good! I LOVED how your brother drove the 3 1/2 hours–>what an amazing uncle! I can’t get over you and Grace re-doing her room…Mikayla and I are doing the same thing this summer aaaaaaaaaaaand, we painted her walls mint! She has been out of school for a few weeks now so we are probably farther along in the process, she has her new bed already and I am currently making a quilt for it while she works on a new crocheted afghan for the fall and winter months. I am sure it will take at least another month to be completed. I thought it was time to have an updated room since she will be going into Jr. High. I cannot wait to see pictures as you go along working on Gracie’s room. Isn’t it neat to work alongside our girls? Congratulations on those championship wins! xo -Chris

  3. So sweet to have your brother surprise you! I have had those kind of surprises from my sons…the best. I love little boys. The pictures from baseball are all wonderful. Grace’s room project sounds like a lot of work, but will be lovely, and so fun to work on together. Happy Summer Vacation!

  4. Yes, indeed, God IS good! Sounds like your summer vacation is off to a grand start, Shanda! I’m betting that minty green will be beautiful on Gracie’s walls! I love Pinterest! You can get so many cute ideas for decorating from there. I have a summer project I’m working on myself … one room at a time! It’s high time I begin to purge and de-clutter the nooks and crannies around here and give away belongings I no longer use to those who will! And, what a dear and sweet brother you have surprising you like that! Looks like you all enjoyed having ‘Uncle’ around to bless your day! {Oh, and my husband would be jealous of his beard! lol!} Have to say, Reese’s are my favorite bar candy … my freezer is never without the mini size to pop into my mouth when I get that inevitable craving for chocolate! Big congrats to the boys, too … the photos tell the joy they felt with the outcome of their games! You hold onto the memory of those smiles, and have a blessed week, my friend! Hugs 🙂

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