catch up day


“Hold my goings in thy paths, that my footsteps slip not.”  Psalms 17:5

I am feeling somewhat more human this afternoon since I decided to cancel the plans I had this morning in favor of staying home to catch up with things around the home-place.  It has been days and days of activity and I needed a catch-up day for my soul.  I am much more at peace now that I put new sugar water in the hummingbird feeder, took the time to hang the loads of laundry on the clothesline rather than throw them in the dryer, watered the houseplants, caught up on the dishes, washed the fronts of the ovens and dishwashers, cleaned the upstairs bathroom, gave my darlings Seth and Sarah baths, washed my hair, spent a lot of time outside, admired ducks and toad tadpoles, put dinner in the crock pot, and took a cat nap.


I discovered this morning that one of my hens was consumed yesterday by what Seth believes was a FOX.  All that remains are some lovely gray feathers in the green green grass and a firm belief that life is easier when one does not become to attached to one’s hens.

I read some Dr. Laura Schlessinger this morning and came away with these quotes:

“If you determine to SEE value and feel gratitude for what you have, you will not be consumed by envy and disappointment.”

(praying for eyes that SEE the real and true!)

“LOVE is about awe, admiration, respect and appreciation.”

(thinking of my dear husband and these feelings I have for him.)

“If you’re looking for true happiness with another person, you first need to be reasonably mature, psychologically sound, and able to deal with truth and reality.”

(thankful that although we married young, much grace was given for our immature years, growing along together.)


Things are by no means excellent around here, but the reality of the matter is, when raising seven children you must lower your standards of cleanliness unless you can hire a full time housekeeper.  All we need is love and understanding to cover over the messy parts.

Seth is currently standing on the counter throwing bacon dog treats to Parker, it makes him so happy to be nice to the dog.

Wind chimes are singing.

Sarah is napping.


My mom started these green pepper plants seeds from a pepper she ate and liked the taste of!  My mom is awesome and an ever-source of inspiration to me.


My dad is awesome, too.  He has a drum set in my old bedroom, right where my little sister Amanda’s bed used to be.  He takes drum lessons every other Saturday!  He practices every day!  He loves it.  How wonderful it is to do something for YOU, no matter who you are or how old you are.

His arms were flying so fast that I told him to freeze so I could take a picture.


In the living room, by the window, he has a practice drum and a music stand.  He listens to the metronome through his ear phones and practices technique.


It’s a challenge.  Mom says she loves to listen to him drum, she also loves this song:

“Like a drum my heart never stops beating for you.”


David asked me if he could make a chocolate cake and whenever it is possible, I say YES because I used to make the same recipe when I was 11 years old like him.

Wacky Cocoa Cake

3 cups flour
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup cocoa
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups water
3/4 cup oil
2 Tablespoons vinegar
2 teaspoons vanilla.

In a mixing bowl, add the dry ingredients like a mountain, with baking soda on the tippy top.  Pour water and oil carefully around the bottom of the mountain.  Pour vinegar on top of the baking soda to watch the bubbles!  Add vanilla, beat until smooth.  Pour batter into 9 by 13 pan, bake at 350, 35-40 minutes.  Lick out the bowl.


His confidence grows and grows with each baking.


Well I hate to tell ya, our cat caught and ate an entire butterfly this weekend.


While Davy-do caught a fish.


(seth is in the other room and I called out to him, “are you getting into mischief?”  “NO!”  “What are you doing, then?”  “Oh, I’m just sitting in a chair.  holding a guitar pick.  and thinking about God.” I laughed my way to him and gave him a hug.  “Really, Seth?”  “Oh, I don’t know what I’m doing.”  Kiss kiss on the cheek, back to blogging.)


This young dragonfly landed on my shirt, Sarah was worried it would bite and asked me if she could kill it, and we put it gently on a bush.  “No-No!  Don’t ever kill the dragonflies, they eat mosquitoes!”


The mallard ducks came back.  One of the boys came to get me and I snuck down with my camera.  They were in the stream, and the stream was overflowing and fast.  It was fun to watch them in the rushing water, I wonder if they enjoyed themselves as they dipped and bobbed along?



It was hard for Sarah to keep her eyes on the female duck; she blends right into the stream!


I think he was trying to keep his balance.


He was about to go down the “rapids”.





Her face, when I came home from a date with her Daddy:

“Sarah, Sarah, where are you?  I have a surprise for you!”




“You do?  I hardly believe it.”


“Well, what is it?  What is it, Mom?”

“NEW SHOES!!!”  (this was her wondrous face as I said the word “shoes”) :::



“For reals?  You’re awesome-sauce, Mom!”


“May I just get to the end of my road and say, I have done this important thing in my life, and I have done it well.”  ~Tessa Kiros

“When love and duty are one, then grace is in you and you will enjoy a happiness which passes all understanding.”  ~The Painted Veil

“Without faith it is impossible to be well pleasing to him, for he who comes to God must believe that he exists, and that he is a rewarder of those who seek him.” Hebrews 11:6  (If you are a believer than you are pleasing to him because YOU HAVE the FAITH that He has given you!!)

Grace just came home from school smiling and singing because she is learning sign language with Larissa at 3:00.

8 thoughts on “catch up day

  1. Such a nice post my friend. I totally get the serenity of catch up days. So soothing to a life. Ducks are amazingly beautiful. Great shots. So neat to see glimpses of your parents. I have a flat of plants like that growing for the garden. Bob worries that the beans are too long, I need to get them into the garden plot. I like that song, I have never heard it before. I have read that foxes are so important for the health of the forest, but they need to leave the hens alone! 😦 So sorry about that. Sarah is the cutest.

    • I usually go to to get a quick icing recipe. With this cake, I found a dusting of powdered sugar is enough, or some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

    • Hello! This cake tastes best with a dollop of whipped cream or ice cream. Or, you can dust it with powdered sugar. It’s a dense, moist cake, I don’t frost it.

      • Sorry I posted twice. It showed an error the first time I tried to submit so I assumed it didn’t go through. Whoops!!! Thanks for your help!! Can’t wait to make this cake with my son this evening!!

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