masonville general store (upstate NY)


~a simply lovely store~

When I was back home visiting my family I was glad to have some extra time to visit one of my favorite little shops.  The Masonville General Store has a lot to offer in the way of unique, earthy, fair trade, organic goods.  The store also includes a small cafe.  There are groceries, cosmetics, jewelry, cards, chocolate and candy, clothes, and gifts for any age.


I found a new artist to admire; Nikki McClure.  The store had several of her works, including note cards, prints, and this darling little book.  We have had a flock of chickens for about 5 years so anything “chicken” related always excites me.


More Nikki McClure; look her up on pinterest!


I gravitate toward the stationary things, but believe me there is a lot more to this place than notepads!

These “Foot Notes” have the actual footprint of common little wild creatures.


My little sign language lover found this ^^ and we bought it; hand signs for the entire alphabet.


This is the little cosmetics area; I bought some lip gloss and admired the dainty earrings~


Isn’t this the sweetest packaging for earrings?



I bought a natural geode for Jacob (the family rock collector) to break open himself (he loved it), a bar of organic chocolate (shared with Mom and Grace), some note cards, and a few things for Joanna’s birthday coming up in June.  Grace picked out a tiger eye stone and a little paper bag of Swedish Fish.

If you are in the area, I also highly recommend Pine Ridge Grocery and Brooks BBQ Chicken house .

(Grace and I ate at Brooks on Sunday, Mother’s Day and we had no wait b/c we sat at the counter.  By doing so, we avoided an hour or more wait.  The line was out the door and around the building.    Also:::  OUR FOOD WAS SERVED ON SCARLET FIESTA.)




5 thoughts on “masonville general store (upstate NY)

  1. What a cool-looking place! I hope you picked up and sniffed that hand made soap. 🙂 I can never resist. *Going to go look up Nikki McClure!* Hope you have a great day today, Shanda!

    • I forgot that you like homemade soap! You should consider making some of your own. I’ve wanted to do so for years but didn’t get past buying a “how to” book, “someday”~!

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