prom was friday

His father wore a white tux many years ago to his own prom and ended up hating it.  He had secret anxiety that Jacob would also feel uncomfortable not only wearing fancy clothes, but brilliantly white fancy clothes.

Yes, Jacob, like his father before him, decided to wear a white tux to his prom and……. he loved it, he told us several times he wished he could keep it.

The day of prom was warm and humid.  The class was scheduled to meet at the gazebo at 4 but when it began to lightly rain, they met at the town hall instead.

At 3:30, Rich was running around trying to locate the florist that I had ordered the corsage from, and I was standing in the kitchen putting Jacob’s cuff links on his shirt.  Sarah was sick on the couch with a fever and Grace stayed at home with her and the younger boys when we left.

Rich met us in the parking lot with the corsage safely in hand, after all that I never really got a good look at it (except in the pictures, later on).

I hadn’t met Jacob’s date yet.  All I knew was that she was an artsy type like Jacob, and that to ask her to prom he drew a message on thick white paper, in calligraphy; “Will you GOGH to prom with me?”

Rich and I waited upstairs with other parents while Jacob waited downstairs at the door with his friends, looking for their dates to arrive.  The battery in my camera was dead (!!) so I had it plugged in …. those fifteen minutes of waiting were priceless as it charged.  Jacob and his date came upstairs and walked toward us smiling and happy.  We were so proud, they looked beautiful together.

The mamas took pictures and forty five minutes later all the young people were on their way to prom and had a wonderful, fun night of food and dancing.






















The next day, after getting just a few hours of sleep, Jacob went to his state invitational track meet, threw a personal record in javelin and surprised himself by coming in third place.

It was a great weekend to be Jacob.  🙂

16 thoughts on “prom was friday

  1. Beautiful pictures and good looking couple. I love Jacob’s invitation line. Very cute. It’s one of those things that his date will never forget. 🙂

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and in this interesting world of blogs, feel like I know your family on some level. It’s bittersweet to see Jacob grown up and to think that his life might take him elsewhere in just a few short years. Y’all have done a fine job raising him.

    You did a great job on the photos,too! Loved seeing them. The white tux goes well with the stunning red dress, and the corsage you picked out is beautiful with it.

  2. They looked beautiful! I LOVE the back of her dress. The white tux is quite schnazzy.
    Congrats to Jacob on his new record and third place…and I hope Grace feels better soon.
    I have a child on the couch with a fever this morning too.
    Happy Monday!

    • I know! The back to her dress was just as pretty as the front! I loved it, so elegant. Thanks for congratulating Jacob, he has another meet today that I hope to go to. Hope your child with the fever is better by now. Sarah is up and running again….. Happy Tuesday!

  3. what a handsome couple! her dress is so stunning too!
    i can scarcely believe your son is old enough for prom Shanda!! you family is just growing right up!
    happy Monday and new week to you!

  4. so startling, these big boys. yours. mine. 🙂 he looks so grown up and handsome. and wowy wow wow, his date is lovely, she is fabulousness in that dress. i love how he worded his question, too funny. congrats on placing to jacob… and to you too shanda, as a great wife and mom. 🙂

    • Isn’t that sense of pride such a wonderful feeling, when you look at your older ones and realize that all the hard work of parenting has paid off? I’m just so thankful.

  5. What a good looking pair. Love the red dress and red vest. Jacob looks so handsome. Bob was surprised at all the matching, and I said, “that is what they do, you must not see prom pics like I do” 🙂 We women are just interested I think. Glad how it all worked together with the corsage pickup and recharging the camera, it can be so hectic, but all part of the memories. Mary had to run downtown and buy me a pair of shoes before my prom, as I left mine in the locker at school!

    • LOL< Love the story about the shoes, what a crazy moment that must have been. And yes, the matching of the outfits is something all us mom's were noticing and enjoying! xo

  6. What nice pictures! The white suit does like nice! AND Elegant next to his dates red dress! I can’t imagine my children being old enough for things like this, but I bet it happens really quick….
    Thanks for sharing :O)

    • It has sure seemed to happen quickly! It’s true that this stage of motherhood doesn’t last forever and they grow up and away before we know it. xo

  7. They both looked so nice. Love Jacobs tuxs and his dates dress. They make a beautiful couple. Jacob, enjoy every milestone in your life, it goes buy way to fast. Good job Dad and Mom you must be so proud. Grandma L loves and misses you all.

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