phone pics; little snapshots of life


Caleb, Seth, Ethan, and David were inspired by the Duck boys.



Seth was so cute on a Sunday morning that I asked to take his picture; he struck a pose.



Oh Grace!  Why do you want to read that???  (sister of five brothers)



David caught a bullfrog out of the pond.



Seth had a tick on him; I was able to pull it off but it was a sobering reminder of the problem we have around here with ticks.  If they are in your area,  be diligent in keeping them off your pets and children (and self).  But don’t let them keep you out of the woods!



With my littlest love.



Sarah thought the artificial flowers in the dentist office were real, she smelled them and said they smelled “like chocolate”.



Something got this catfish out of our pond and killed it.  Rich and Ethan stocked them a couple years ago so we are sad about it.



At the end of the day I used to hold babies in my arms, now I have no babies.  However, I do have cats and a handsome husband ready to snuggle.


Boys on couch.  Ethan and Jacob have been sleeping in the living room every night, they think it’s cozier than their own bedroom.



Ethan ready for church on Sunday morning.



Billy cat



I finally put pictures in the locket Hannah gave me for my birthday.



We went to the diner for breakfast yesterday.


We had no milk in the house and the boys had dentist appointments anyway.  So we ate and then went to the dentist.  It was fun.



Sarah and I had a little walk around the ponds together yesterday afternoon; my darling chatterbox.  I picked her up several times for a squeeze.



Chickens in the forest sunshine.



I saw this Carl Larsson painting this weekend and immediately wanted to repot my plants into unifying terra-cotta planters.


So satisfying!


Sometimes my heart hurts because life is so beautiful and short.  Sometimes I wish I could freeze time.  I never want these days to end and yet I know they must someday.  Whenever I feel this way (overwhelmed) I think of how grateful I am to have Jesus….and I am not without comfort for the days to come.

“Thanks be to God–through Jesus Christ our Lord!”  Romans 7:25a

7 thoughts on “phone pics; little snapshots of life

  1. I loved seeing all of these pictures. 😉 Your Terra Cotta Pot Plants are an amazing replica of the painting!

    That picture of Seth is ADORABLE! Sweet pictures of you and the little ones, too. Your life is so full and blessed.

    Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

  2. Love that pic of duck boys. My 13 year old loved that show! Right now hes into his ripboard. Lol on the Star wars book. Ive actually met my sons girlfriend whos never seen Star wars! Horrors! Lol.
    Cutie pie…fake flowers smell like choc!
    I know how you feel about life. My heart hurts too from that. Life is precious and beautifully messy. Every day should be lived to the fullest. Thankyou for the peek into your life today!:)
    Ps my pinterest acct got all messed up so I just gave up on it. Apparently someone was messing with many accounts.
    Hugs, christina

    Ps. Any books by d orcas smucker. I am going to start another called strangers at my door a true story of finding Jesus in unexpected guests by johnathan wilson Hargrove
    lol thats funny. My sons name is johnathan wilson lol

  3. I love how you get an idea and then you do it. Note to self: Follow through and actually do the ideas that swim in your head. Seth’s pose made me lol. Do you ever eat frog legs? Just asking b/c that was a pretty meaty bull frog. 😀

    • I’m sure if we watch Duck Dynasty long enough we may begin eating our frogs (have you seen the show when they catch and eat them?) but so far it hasn’t happened. 🙂

  4. You all have the biggest bull frogs I have ever seen. Each year I am amazed. So good to see all the every day pics, and yes, Seth is a crack up. We have enjoyed a lot of Duck Dynasty shows too. The potted plants looks so pretty. I love Carl Larsson’s works.

    About the tick. It is so good you have a physician that will treat if there is any sign of illness. I think that was our greatest problem here, they are so unfamiliar on this coast that they wanted to test and test, and meanwhile the bad germs spread to out of control. Anyway, we have been reading about preventatives, as Nick, Alicia, and the boys will be in Maine starting in August. My herbal book says:
    If you live in a Lyme-endemic area: Astragalus herb all year. 1,000mg daily. This herb stimulates the things in the immune that reduce the likelihood of infection. There is more on prevention and what to do if bit. Maybe I should just send you a copy of those pages 🙂
    Cuz, we agree, you have to be able to enjoy the beauty of the forest and all.

  5. You always inspire me to be more present in the moment!!! How I need that inspiration as life is so busy and how beautiful to appreciate every moment! So thank you!

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