springtime and baseball

It’s funny how the thoughts go back back back to childhood … today was opening day for little league (after church) and I couldn’t help but think so much about my own younger brothers and all the years of watching them play at the fields.  Our sons Jacob and Ethan are too old for little league, today we concentrated on David and Caleb….Jake and E weren’t even with us.  SO WEIRD.  They are growing up and away, little by little.  Yes, the older boys stayed after church for the fellowship lunch, and then Wally was going to go over some Javelin tips with Jacob again.  Jacob throws for school, and with Wally’s help he beat his own personal record on Friday at the meet.

It’s quite chilly outside today so after several hours I asked my husband if he would drive me, Grace, and the little ones back home.  I am currently and happily under a blanket with my feet on a warmed up corn bag with Seth at the end of the couch.  Grace is on pinterest next to me and continuously laughing at someone’s “funny” board.  Sarah Joy is sitting next to her, watching a movie.  (“Once Upon a Forest”)  Billy Cat is stretched out so softly next to my legs and Sherlock is curled in a ball by Sarah.  We all have our pajamas on already.

I was on pinterest and somehow got to thinking about Trailing Arbutus.  Do you know that lovely wild flower?  I remember my Grandmother liking it, and it grew in the woods near our home when I was a child.  It grows close to the ground, but getting down into the forest leaves to smell it is worth it.  It smells wonderful, better than apple blossoms even.  I haven’t seen the flower in years and years.  There were pictures of it on pinterest so I pinned one and then thought about Yellow Violets.  As a child, I remember finding them just one time.  I had walked deeply into the woods on Grandpa’s property and was thrilled to discover a bunch of yellow violets…at that time I had not known there was such a flower.  I picked one and added it to my bouquet.  On the way back home I stopped and showed it to Grandma and she smiled.  She knew exactly where I had been.   It is a nice memory for me, I felt that we shared a secret delight together.  I learned a lot about the flowers and things from my mother, who in turn had learned them from her Mama.  And now, when I go for walks I cannot help but point things out and tell my own children about them.  Beauty from God.


We spent time outside on Friday.  It was a beautiful day.  I found the children up on the hill behind the house exploring,  and then Sammy jumped up on the fence from the neighbor’s side.  She was exploring, too.  Isn’t she pretty against the bluest of blue skies?


Daffodils are in bloom and the fuzzy buzzy bumble bees love them.


I am amused by the lengths a bee will go in order to collect pollen.


When we walk by the edge of the smaller pond, hundreds of bullfrog tadpoles ripple away, out of the shallow water.  Going up closer to investigate will scare the last brave ones from the edge.  Once they swim into the deeper water, it’s funny to stay and watch them go up to the surface to breath.  There are SO MANY, if they all develop into full grown frogs I am afraid we will have a Biblical proportion of them (like a plague).  Parker the dog enjoys the challenge of catching one in his front teeth.  He does not let the tadpole touch his lips at all, just the teeth.

He detests bullfrog tadpoles.


After he brings one back into the grass and lays it gently down, he gags in deep hisses.

He can’t resist the urge to pick it up again with quivering lips and dainty teeth.

He plays with it a minute, rolls on it, and then goes back to get another.

No, he can’t bring himself to do it twice.  Once is enough.

Tadpoles are cold and slimy, and they disgust him.


We look at wild flowers next.


Sarah likes to ask me if she can pick one.  I say “yes”.


Seth goes across the monkey bars and I ask him if he can go all the way.  He has to work, and I marvel at the bodies of young children, so light and mobile and strong.


I tried to help him once but he panted, “I want to do it by myself!”

He made it across and was proud of himself.



After throwing tiny pinecones into the long pond and watching the fish grab them and pop them back out of their mouths, we headed to the stream.


A hen came over to see what was up.  So very nosey!  What a busy-body!


The next day, Saturday, it rained and rained all day.  The boy’s Little League Opening day was cancelled.

It was today instead.  We went to church, came home to quickly change, and then headed to the park.


It was a big to-do with “thank you’s”, dedication of benches (in memory of those who passed away over the last year), trophies, a presentation of the banner for last year’s winners, etc, etc, National Anthem sung, players name’s announced (including our Davy’s) and then….finally….the first games of the season.




David.  Please keep me in your thoughts as I try to keep these pants white all season.


Sarah had a ring pop.

The movie is over, it is time for me to serve a little something for dinner.  It will be an early bedtime for Seth and Sarah tonight.

Have a blessed evening, my friends.

You are loved.




5 thoughts on “springtime and baseball

  1. What a lovely post Shanda. I love your descriptions…you make me feel as though I was there. I enjoyed the pictures too. Good luck on keeping he pants white 🙂

  2. Wow. Ring pops have come a long way since I was a kid! About the monkey bars…I tried it once as an adult and my hands gave out immediately. Gravity seemed so much stronger, LOL. I could remember so clearly whisking across them as a kid, and was surprised at how much of a piece of lead I felt like on them as an adult. 🙂 I chuckled at story of Parker and the tadpole. LOL. It’s kind of hard to tell, but that hen looks like a Rhode Island Red, and my RIR is bossy, too! Oooo, is she bossy. LOL. I’m glad it’s you and not me having to stress over those white pants. 😉 Who thought that one up? Kinda dumb to make a sports uniform WHITE!

    I love the picture of Seth and Sarah at the stream. So poignant…and Caleb…I can almost see him envisioning himself in the big leagues. He has that look in his eye. 🙂 Too sweet.

    Loved this post today…but then I love all of them.

    Hope you have a great evening. I’m already in my PJ’s too!

  3. Ah, those baseball pants. I think we only had one team that had black. The rest were white, and of course that lovely red dirt. Spray and wash worked for me.
    That picture of Sarah and Seth on the rock…just like the cover of a storybook. So charming and sweet.
    Parker is so funny. Those white flowers next to him, what are they? So pretty!

  4. My little Emma was sitting here next to me…. crying…. and when I scrolled down to the picture of Sarah, she stopped and was very interested in her. Maybe we should set up a playdate. 😉

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