the easter seth was sick






**Happy Resurrection Sunday**

Easter morning.  The family all got up and started getting ready for church and then Seth threw up.

I had a blessed day caring for my small son, but I did miss the church services….beautiful Easter morning, I love it and what it means to my soul.

Ethan and Jacob were feeling “off” as well, but they got dressed and went along to church with Rich and the other siblings.


Since I didn’t have to get myself prettied up, I had a few extra minutes to spend on the girls.  I curled Sarah’s hair up (like a flip)…but since her hair is so straight it didn’t last long.  Isn’t she a darling in her pink and gray dress?  I’ve always loved the look of those two colors together and I was so pleased when I found this pretty dress for her.


Grace wore an ankle length black skirt and simple gray sweater, with my cross necklace.  I curled her hair a little, too, for soft waves.




I feel sad when I look at this picture because Seth was so deflated and ill…..but I still think he’s a beautiful little boy and I love this picture of Caleb and Seth, they are good brothers to each other.  They fight over legos but have the best times together playing and jumping on the trampoline.


This was the best we could do for a group picture.

Ethan and Jacob both threw up during church.

While they were gone at church with their Dad,  Seth was sick about 10 times.  He was so comforted by me patting his back over the toilet and I would look away and wait until he was done (he was a very violent and thorough throw-upper), wipe off his face, and tuck him back onto the couch.  It was a beautiful day and at one point he said, “Maybe the air would feel me better”, which translated means:  “I need to go outside.”  So, I spread a thick blanket on the grass and we went outside, where he promptly fell asleep under his blanket (I was worried he would get burned so I put the blanket over his head).

(Hours later, after everyone was home and it was late afternoon, Seth again got up off the couch with his blanket without a word and proceeded outside to sleep.  So dear.)


While Seth slept I went into the forest to work on the Easter nests.  I gave each child 7 eggs with candy inside, a chocolate bunny, a big glitter egg with candy, easter goldfish crackers, and a little gift just for them.  David and Ethan got fishing stuff, Jake and Grace received art supplies, Sarah a “my little pony”, Seth a Spiderman ball, and Caleb legos.









On my way to the house, I stopped by the chicken coop and gave the hens some colored paper grass for their nesting box.  🙂


I have to say……by yesterday he was all better and was twice as mischievous and busy as usual….Rich and I both thought that maybe he was making up for the day of sleeping on Sunday.  I’m thankful it was just a 24 hour bug.  Jacob and Ethan went to school on Monday but didn’t eat.  After a good night’s sleep they are feeling much better this morning.

Easter dinner was delicious but the boys were sad because they couldn’t eat with us.  Ethan missed the mashed potatoes and Jacob missed trying the lamb.  Yesterday evening I fried up some leftover mashed potato patties in butter for them and their tummies appreciated it (comfort food).

I set the table with pretty tablecloths (I even had the time to iron them, and I hate ironing), our easter egg tree, and pastel fiestaware.  We had roast lamb, apple crisp, salad, and fluffy mashed potatoes.  Rich loved the meal and ate a lot of lamb.  It was the first time I made it and we liked it.


This poor daffodil has been frozen several times since it first grew.  Still pretty, even with a few rough edges.



The first violet of spring; February’s birth flower, for THIA, and all my February sisters.  🙂


They are growing along the pathway to our side steps.

7 thoughts on “the easter seth was sick

  1. So glad your boys are feeling better. Sorry it had to happen on Easter…that’s no fun.
    Your Easter shots are great and I love the gray and pink dress too…those two colors together, perfect.

    I love lamb. It’s one of my favorites. My parents raise a lamb for us every year…it’s nice to have a freezer filled with lamb chops and all sorts of different lamb cuts.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

  2. Sorry to hear you had the sick bug going around. 😦
    Sarah looked so cute with her curls and pretty pink shoes.
    Cute photos.

  3. Sarah looks adorably cute in her pretty dress and curled hair. Love the smiles. So sorry that awful bug hit. Thankfully short lived, but throwing up is the worst! I think it is the sweetest thing that Seth wanted to go outside, and slept so well out there! You are the nicest Easter bunny 🙂
    We like Lamb too. We only have a roast once in a while, usually when we get to the good mid-eastern store that has a great butcher shop, but I always say, “this must be good for us it tastes so good!”

  4. Oh to be a mother!:) Soo glad your boys are better. That was sweet about going to sleep outside. It sounds like your Easter meal was delicious. Everyone looks beautiful!:) Christina

  5. I love how you do your Easter “baskets”. How fun! Problem is we don’t have a “forest” nearby. We also had sickies on Easter. Aleigh was sick in the morning but went to church and Aves that evening. 3 days later and now I have it. Uck! Loved all the pictures of your Easter celebration!!

  6. i love even though your easter didn’t go as planned you still had such a positive attitude – i don’t know if i would have done so well. there is beauty in everything if we just stop to look for it.

    really enjoyed the pics in your last post. so pretty. and i was going to leave a comment of things we do but then the weekend happened and i just never got back here. ~

    the kiddos are all looking so grown up and little sarah is a sweetie in her pink and gray.

  7. I am sorry it has taken so long to respond but I just LOVE those violets. Thank you so much for thinking of me and they have lifted my spirits for sure. I look every day, but we don’t have any although the plants with their curled leaves are looking well so it cannot be long.
    I hope everyone is in tip top health and enjoying these spring days.

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