being a mama

13 thoughts on “being a mama”

  1. I have a cold today, I would like to curl up on the sofa and have some soup and tea, OK? 🙂 Don’t forget the Vick’s on the bottom of the feet with socks trick. I have tried it, and it is amazing. Really helps the cough. I also always recommend the extra Vit C, because I read that our body burns more when we are sick. Hope Ethan perks up and feels better. So good to have a doctor that cares for the need of the patient and their body.
    Such a good mommy you are. May God give you energy and grace to continue to minister to your family. I know they will bless you in return.
    The luncheon is so lovely and yummy!

    1. Thanks, Jenny, and I think Ethan would say I am quite a good nurse, so if you’re sick we will make room for you. LOL Hugs to you, dear friend. Hope your cold is going away now.

  2. Thanks for the reminder that it is MY responsibility as a mother to nurture each and every child of mine to the best of my ability. We just had our fifth child two weeks ago, and it can be hard to remember all the details that I need to remember just now. But I guess there’s nothing else to do but try to be as organized/on top of things (namely, keeping all the children fed, clothed, groomed, loved) as well as I can.

    1. I’ve been thinking a lot about God’s grace this morning and how as believers, we have Him leading us and covering for us and our faults. He knows your heart, Sarah, and knows how much you want to be the kind of mother He desires you to be, and I have to believe that even our “worse” moments and days are beautiful because of Him. Bless you as you care for your new baby!

  3. Yes. Thats what I need to be working on with my six. Amist theater practice and plays, voice and piano lessons, tutorials, and everyday life. Also to stop and smell the roses with my kids, not just full steam ahead, which I am ooh so good at. Connection, daily bonding, and nurturing.

    1. All the running around can be an opportunity as well, I’ve discovered. As we wait for one boy to get done with practice, I can watch the little ones play at the playground, etc. Praying for you today, Christina!

    1. So amazing, Bobby Jo, because I was JUST thinking about YOU yesterday, as well. I read your post about the maple syrup! then, I got a comment from you! I love God’s little surprises, don’t you? xo

  4. This is something I have to make myself stop and do, give each one their own special attention! It’s also the reason I haven’t forbidden the 6 and 7 year olds from occasionally sneaking into my bed in the middle of the night. We get a few snuggles before we fall back to sleep.

    1. I absolutely LOVED that picture you shared of your boys, and YES that is exactly all it takes to get those mothering loving feelings going again! Just enough slow-down time to savor the blessings of having young ones. Thinking of you as you are in baby month!

  5. I think exactly what you are doing is right…we, as moms, never have it all together. I have to constantly re-asses my parenting and make time for what is truly important. Sometimes I lay in each of my kids beds when they aren’t around and just examine their rooms and try to really imagine what it would be like to come home to this room, to this mother, to this home. It helps me put things into perspective and I think that as long as we are always striving to be better mothers then that is a great thing! The trouble lies in beginning to believe one has everything all figured out. Impossible! Those flowers by that window are beautiful and I would love the recipe for the rolls. 😉 Much love to you and yours sweet Shanda. Praying for your boy and his healing. -Chris

    1. Chis, look up “amish white bread” on all That is the recipe I use, but I decrease the sugar by half. I’ve never had a problem with this recipe. Thank you for your encouraging words, I think you are exactly right! There have been a few times lately though when I felt I dropped the ball..however, my kids are generally very happy and healthy so if I take the time to consider, it truly isn’t all isn’t that bad. HUGS. xo

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