breakfast with friends



We got to visit with old friends this morning.

Karen moved away over a year ago.  She was traveling back through the state this morning and asked if Kathy and I could meet her for breakfast.

It felt just like old times.


Leo and David have been friends since birth!  I let David skip school this morning so he could see his friend.

They folded paper airplanes at the table.  After they ate their yummy breakfasts they played checkers.


I had Sarah Joy with me, too, and she got to be friends with Karen’s son Charlie.  They both wore striped shirts.


Karen has a 3 month old baby girl now.  Her name is Audrey.


She was a doll!  She smiled a lot and never cried.



She was absolutely delicious.


She fell asleep on me as her mama chatted away.  We sat and talked for a long time, our waitress was thoughtful enough to bring us fresh ice waters so we wouldn’t get parched.  She got a really good tip.  🙂



After a while, we headed into the gift shop so the children could pick out some candy.

Charlie and Sarah played with the magic sand together while David and Leo shared a bag of gummy worms.


Karen and Kathy~



One last picture before we had to part ways again, which was bittersweet.

I’m glad to have friends that are forever.


I took David to school late and stood in the office pondering the tardy slip that I had to fill out.  “REASON FOR BEING TARDY”  What do I write?  I was hesitant to tell the truth and almost wrote “He had an appointment”.  But I didn’t want to lie.  I was thinking, “Is it okay for him to miss school for a fun activity?”  “Will he get into trouble?”  “Will they reprimand me?”  So, I asked Dave, “Why are you late to school?” and he laughed and whispered back, “Because I was at Crackerbarrel?”  So, that is what I wrote; “He was at Crackerbarrel.”  When I was done, the secretary came around to rip out the slip and sign her name on it so David could take it to his teacher.  She read what I wrote and made an offended noise.  My heart stopped.

“What?” she exclaimed to Dave, “You went to Crackerbarrel?  Did you bring me back anything?  Did you tell your Mom thank you?  You’re a lucky little boy!”

All was well.


How about you?  Do you have special friends that continue to come back to visit you through the years?  Or, maybe you go and visit them from time to time?

Do you tell the detailed truth on your children’s excuse notes?


Happy Monday!





old picture of David and Leo from 2008.


4 thoughts on “breakfast with friends

  1. You are so cute. I like David’s excuse. I think I would have tried to explain an old friend, and it would have been too long. What a lovely breakfast with friends, and holding the baby made it perfect!

  2. Awe…
    How fun you all got together!! So glad you could do that! I loved seeing those pictures!!
    Glad all was ok at school.

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