large family chaos (video)

I would like to sit and blog, if only I had an hour and the brain power to do it.  Instead, my life has been like this (or, similar) for days:





Everyone is happy and healthy and for that I am truly thankful.


12 thoughts on “large family chaos (video)

  1. Ha! Looks like our house. SOUNDS like our house! The piano is non-stop…and the guitar is non-stop…and the singing is non-stop (but I’m also guilty 😉 ….
    But I love the chaos. Most of the time..sometimes I long for quiet days that..I can blog for an hour with brain power! 🙂

  2. oh Shanda! This is sooo familiar looking! The washer (or is it dryer?) fixers crack me up. And what is it with couch cushions? That song is super common at my house too. Love this post. I often wonder how you blog as often as you do. It takes me so long to crank out a post and you seem to do it with ease. But it probably doesn’t happen easily for you either. 🙂 Love to you today.

  3. Loved this video. It made me smile. I loved the piano song… my best friend and I would play it for hours. Brought back fond memories. Cheers to Chaos!!! What would life be without it?

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