my dear friend’s new baby

When Joanna came to visit me this summer she didn’t tell me that she was having a baby!  She had just found out and it was still secret.  I love looking back on those photos from the visit, knowing now that a new little someone was growing and planning on making an appearance eight months later,  just hours before “Aunt Shanda’s” birthday!

It’s hard to be over four hours away because I would be there in a heartbeat to hold him, little Josiah, a most darling and precious gift from God.  He was born last Tuesday.  Look at him!  I asked Jo if I could share her pictures from Facebook on my blog and she generously agreed.  🙂


“Let your father and mother be glad, and let her who bore you rejoice.”  Proverbs 23:25



Please please pray for my friend.  Her entire family currently has the flu, so she’s dealing with that while caring for this brand new little life.

10 thoughts on “my dear friend’s new baby

  1. How exciting!!! I do miss her blog to, thanks for sharing her new site. Her pictures were always so beautiful.
    Congratulations to the whole family and I hope they feel better soon! I’m sure it’s scary to bring a new baby around sickness..and to have to care for them when you need caring yourself!
    Congratulations. ❤

  2. What a beautiful baby! I’m so sorry to hear they have the flu and will add them to my prayer list. Thank you for sharing such precious pictures with us. ((hugs))

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