happy birthday to Jacob

9 thoughts on “happy birthday to Jacob”

  1. Yes congrats and happy birthday to your son. Mine will be 18 jan. 17rh and will be graduating in june. Enjoy this year:)

  2. Happy B-day to your 17 yr old Jacob and congrats to you on being mama that long, my friend!!!
    My own Jacob is in that 2yo ‘keep-me-on-my-toes’ phase. We were in the ER this weekend getting an almond out of his nose. Sigh.
    I am happy to hear your report about the wonderfulness of a 17 year old boy and I look forward to that day, while continuing to enjoy the cuteness of now with our own little Jake.

  3. Happy Birthday to your son!!! Loved that age. Hilarious!!! I sort of miss my guys. Now they are grown and have become serious husbands and dads. I do have two teen grandsons that keep me laughing all the times we are together. Makes up for it.

  4. I hope he greatly enjoyed his birthday! And you’re right, he and my Alex would have tons to talk about and enjoy together! I can’t believe how fast time flies. Does it not just blow your mind that he’s 17?? I almost can’t even handle it for you. ha.

    And you and Rich in that photo! You look like teenagers! 😀

  5. Happy Birthday Jacob, beautiful young man

    Shanda, I wish you the best for the new year
    Happy New Year and good health to you and your family
    thank you for your wonderful blog

    Bonne Année à tous
    et merci pour votre merveilleux blog

  6. This is sort of a bittersweet post to me, because your Jacob is growing up and my boys will soon enough be there!! (Even though they still have a ways…but you know what I mean!) Your mention of the third year made me laugh – 😀 I have had one of those too. Year three was a bit overwhelming.

  7. Happy Birthday, Jacob! What a sweet post. I love reading your birthday tributes to your children. They make me want to cry. The picture of you, Rich and Jacob as a baby made me smile. 🙂

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