christmas toys


Iron man joined the family on Christmas Day.  He belongs personally to Caleb, but the rest of us get to be asked a hundred times a day where his bullets went.  We all take care of Iron Man.

After we all opened our Christmas presents, the children took their stuff and spread out to various corners of the house to work and play.


It was mainly legos.


The boys were very happy with them.  I wish I had taken notes of all the strange conversions.


They have an organized system for large sets.  Ethan filled up about 20 fiesta bowls to put together his new Fire Station.  It took him two days to complete it and we were eating cereal out of mugs.


Jacob’s spot at the table with a minecraft bracelet, speakers, music, Star Wars legos. Oh, and a Monster, too.


A brother at one end and a brother at the other.  Fellowship over legos.


Caleb and his…..


….golden dragon, with The Golden Lloyd.  If you squeeze the dragon’s head, the ball shoots out.


Meanwhile, Lillian (Grace) took her stocking and her gifts and organized a picturesque tableau.

That being done, she ate a candycane and read her new book.


Later on, she went upstairs to apply her new make up.


(new sweater, too)


Seth with his new monster feet/stilts.

(I can’t believe I didn’t take a single picture of Sarah Joy playing in her new princess tent.)


Rich works in an office all day every day so he has come to HATE sitting.  This desk top (his gift) allows him to do his home work while standing.  It does not go with our country theme, but this is not as important as his comfort.  🙂



My new Tiffany….had to return it b/c it was too big.  They are trying to locate a size five for me.

I love my new UGG slippers!


The family was playing contentedly, so I set to work making our Christmas lunch…….stay tuned!

Tomorrow I will devote the blog to a special birthday,

and the day after that I will post about Christmas food.



11 thoughts on “christmas toys

  1. Oh my goodness! Ethan was telling me about the legos, I did not realize how much organization it takes to build a set! That is thinking! In fact looking at all the the pictures, I would say that Jake, Ethan, and Lily are all organized with everything! I need to learn how to be that organized 🙂

  2. Wow! My boys love legos too! The two older have passed on to the youngers. A tiffany? Wow! Nice;) My daughter and I got matching rings. From james avery called a mothers live.I was soo touched she wanted one. My husband loves electronics cameras and such. It does not match oyr coyntry decor eaither lol. But I love him. :).
    You look so pretty and happy!:) thanks for sharing

  3. I got the girls legos and we’ve been enjoying building the sets slowly!! Looks like your boys have a system going!!!!
    You look beautiful in that top and I’m looking forward to reading about the xmas lunch!

  4. You do look oh so pretty and feminine, and so does Grace.

    I have seen work stations that you can stand at, and also ones with walking stations. Poor guys with too much sitting. I stand too much doing tasks and try to remember to sit when I can. I am glad Bob gets bike riding in as I think it helps him unwind and stay healthy, but I am always praying for his safety.

    I have two big guys over here, 30 and 20, that would love to bond with your lego guys. They were all on the floor playing with little ones blocks and making interesting towers 🙂

  5. I love your family. I am glad you had such a pleasant Christmas, and I wish for you a most wonderful New Years as well. May God continue to guide and bless you all.

    ps.The legos and minecraft stuff are also big hits in my household. My boys are now 16&18; The youngest just had his birthday on Christmas day, and the other one turns 19 in 10 days.

    Also, I want to mention that I think your top is quite lovely. 🙂

  6. You look lovely, Shanda. And so does your cozy house and family. My boys would be in heaven at your house. We do lots of lego here too. Grace reminds me of Victoria….I’ve probably said that before. Happy New Year, friend.

  7. We entered the land of lego’s this year. I had fun helping Ryan with his kit. In fact Ryan was peering over my shoulder as I was reading this and was quite impressed with all the toys. He said, will you tell them that I have a Ironman too? I said sure. Ironman is his favorite.

    Glad to see that you had a good Christmas and I hope you have a Happy New Year as well.

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