patchwork pillow


This is the kind of day it is today.

Drips.  Fog.  Quiet.  Calm.  Cold.  Dim.


Pond with a thin layer of watery ice.


I haven’t been outside enough so this morning I breathed it in deeply.


And admired the stream.  It has a little bit of ice in it, around the rocks and sticks.  The children like to gather it up and eat it.

Red berries, a log bridge.


I took all the outdoor pictures with three eggs in my pocket.



It has been several years.

I used to sew and then I had a couple of babies and the machine was closeted away.

Now that Sarah Joy is three (and a half) I have felt the sewing urge return.

First it was “I’ll never get to sew again”

then, “I remember when I used to”

then, “wouldn’t it be nice?”

then, “I really should”

then, “oh, I’ll buy these old patchwork quilt scraps and make a pillow!”

and, “I’m sick of sitting around pinning things on pinterest, and gazing at beautiful pillows in Country Living UK magazine, I’m going to get up and DO SOMETHING CRAFTY”


The little ones were underfoot as I pulled all my stuff out of Sarah’s closet and set it up in my room.  I had Rich and Jacob bring in a table.  I put a cloth on it but I’ll be taking it back off because the fabric drags on it as I’m sewing and bothers me.  I put one of Jacob’s paintings behind the machine.  All the while, Sarah was RIGHT BY MY SIDE talking and admiring everything, she is just the darned cutest thing.


Really, I credit God for everything good that happens in my life, including the very smallest of situations like the sewing machine ACTUALLY working after being in the closet (not even in a box) for so long.  THE TENSION WAS EVEN PERFECT…..I set up the ironing board and set to work with the four quilt scraps that I had bought at an antique shop a few months back.  I ironed them, arranged them, and then sewed them together.


I used a nice piece of fabric from my box for the back of the pillow.  Seth and Sarah enthusiastically stuffed the stuffing in it while I held on tight.


I love it.


I read books on it.

I wish whoever began the quilt could know that I made it into something!  We did it together and she doesn’t even know.



Last night I found Grace and Sammie reading a book on the ipad.


I made the big boys match socks.


And they both chatted on Facebook while they did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This morning Seth said to me, “Mom I need these so I don’t have to listen what you say.”


14 thoughts on “patchwork pillow

  1. That last picture caption, really made me laugh out loud.
    I love the pillow! I wish I sewed and had a machine. Someday.
    I’m glad to see other people have the sock matching thing going on. There are SO many socks!

  2. Oh, Seth!! Ha. Love the pillow. I did a lot of sewing in October for costumes and Abbey’s saint project at school. The machine is out away for now. I’m amazed your tension was perfect! Wonderful!! I bet you’re all just loving the big new room and wonderful fireplace. I love rainy days like you’re having.

  3. I love that first picture Shanda! So lush and green. So much beauty right out your front door.

    And I an SO happy you got out your sewing machine!! Those patchwork pillows are lovely and inviting and they look so happy on your bed. I have a vintage quilt that I’ve been meaning to make pillows out of… but sewing Christmas presents are top priority right now. Happy December!

  4. Cute picture of Grace with the cat that settled on her legs. Cats always seem to want to do that.

    Pretty patchwork. It inspires me to want to pull my sewing machine out again.

  5. Lol that seth makes me laugh! Just like my 13 yr old. Lol. You are blessed to know how to quilt! I can crochet blankets. Pretty pillow! Can I follow you on pinterest?

  6. I am so happy for you that you’ve been able to sew again! I have a friend here in our apartment building who wants to come over later this week to do some sewing on my machine because hers doesn’t work any longer, and it just thrills me that I can share something I love so well with her, as well.

    Seth’s comment cracked me up.

  7. your pillow turned out so beautiful Shanda!! i’m kind of in the midst of the ‘i remember when i used to sew’ stage. and, i try to be okay with it. some days, i’m more successful than others. =/
    i’m always happy to stop in here.
    happy Tuesday!!

  8. Ive often bought half finished projects at the thrift store and completed/tweaked them. it’s fun to think about the someone who started them and does not know what became of them. I’ve also take my share of started projects and dropped them off for someone else to deal with too ha! 🙂 Lovely pillow

    have you done your tree yet this year? Will it sit by your new fireplace? Ahh…

  9. that seth. what a great plan he had. lol. I was breathing in your morning walk too, so beautiful, but without eggs in my pocket. They’re on my plate instead, eating breakfast here as I read. 🙂 I had to smile at your pre-pillow-sewing thought process. Because I miss sewing too. Good for you for just making it happen! AND noticing the treat of a working machine with perfect tension. yes! I love your pillow, so homey and inviting.

    Happy Wednesday Shanda! It seems like forever since I’ve checked out my friend’s blogs… so I’m going to browse a bit to catch up.

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