thanksgiving day in pictures

16 thoughts on “thanksgiving day in pictures”

  1. I loved seeing your happy Thanksgiving day with family. I am sure it was wonderful. We did a big 22 lb. butterball, with stuffing,and in a bag too. Bob cooked 5 pies. Only 2 flavors, but he specially made separate ones that were GF for me and David. All of yours look so yummy, and so much food! Your new room is so beautiful, and what a welcome addition to welcome everyone in! Miss you. I was feeling sad today, and I knew a visit here would put a smile on my face. Love to you all.

  2. This is cool… I was wondering when the photos from thanksgiving were gonna go up….

    So i went to Pastor Gary’s house and we played Taboo… Just in case you dont know the game… Basically you have a word you have to get the other person to guess and their are additional words you cannot use and you have a time limit… So Gary and myself were on one team… One of the words i had was Crown… So i said, “Jesus wea”.. Before i finished Gary shouted “Crown” Then it was Gary’s turn and he had Mind so he said… this word appears numerous times in Philippians… i shouted “Mind”…. Needless to say Gary and i won 32 to 22…

    so i had a great Thanksgiving… as i can tell so did you ha ha.

    See ya in church Sunday…


    Michael T Payne

  3. Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving with us. I can feel the love you all share through your pictures. Such a sweet picture of you and your Dad. 🙂 …and your Mom and Dad, too. You have a nice looking family.

    Your new addition is beautiful, and looks like it was just perfect for your gathering.

    Sorry I’m late on commenting. We just got back home and I’m ‘catching up’.

  4. It looks like you all a a great time. That is quite the house full of people, it’s a good thing that you guys have the new addition! Great post!

    Ethan S.

  5. Awe loved your photos!
    Lots of family, good food, fun, and memories!
    I also love your new addition. I am sure it was nice to have that extra room!
    I also can not believe how big Abbie has gotten! Wow.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful photos–especially love the new addition. How wonderful that it was done in time for Thanksgiving. I am especially envious of your pies. Since I did everything myself this year, including an 8kg turkey (18lbs?), I purchased pumpkin pie and apple pie from Costco. They are decent but just not the same!

  7. What a lovely family! Blessings of family, food, space for hosting, and Jesus! Eonderful memories! Thankyou for sharing! Christina

  8. Oh Shanda! I lost track of you for awhile and now here you are! Your house is so wonderful! With your new great room coming on the heels of your fancy kitchen, it looks very snazzy, perfect for a big holiday gathering. And the kids have grown, and your smile is still so warm.

  9. i always enjoy seeing pictures of your family all together and for some reason i think your mom and mine would get along splendidly! :))

    your new addition looks great!

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