from Laura Ingalls Wilder

It’s the day before Thanksgiving.  The weather is mild with rain in all forms; steady and pounding with big fat drops and rushing downspouts from the corners of the house, or as it is now; a fine, fine misty rain.  I need to go to the chicken coop this morning and will soon have rain-wet hair.

Rich is working from home today and is in his new corner office in the addition with a fire going.  Later on we plan on *one last shopping trip* before tomorrow.  I need EGGS of all things.  The hens haven’t been laying much these days.  He wants to go to Panera for lunch.

I’m washing some of the couch cushion covers, we have a dog and three cats and I hate the thought of the house smelling like animals…..the cushions are now all over the livingroom from Seth and Sarah making forts.  The dryer is going.

I’ve started the kitchen work.  Rich helped me scrub the counters and I made the base for my orange tapioca salad.  Once it cools I will fold in the whipped cream.  I boiled a package of ring pasta to make seafood salad, as close to Grandma’s recipe as possible (she didn’t write it down).  Oh how I miss family at this time of year and the way things used to be.

It’s hard to believe at times that I’m all grown up and making dinners like this for my little children and nieces and nephews.  Within 10 years, I will probably be a grandmother myself.   When I think of the children, all the cooking and cleaning is worth it because I know we are building lifelong memories for them.  Some of my memories of holidays as a child include so many LITTLE things; I found delight in the label maker we got to use for putting our names on the plastic cups, and sitting on the bar stools with Colleen and David to eat our plates of food, spinning back and forth now and then.  The holiday punch bowl.  That was fun and so delicious.  I’m hoping to find a bigger punch bowl today at the mall.

I’m thankful for my parents.  My mom’s cooking.  She will be here tomorrow to help cook, she is the expert.  I’m hoping she will do the gravy.  It’s not something I enjoy doing.  Ethan hopes Grandpa will bring his guitar so they can play together.

I was reading Little House in the Ozarks this morning and thought I would share a quote from Laura:

The season is over, the rush and struggle of growing and saving the crops is past for another year, and the time as come when we pause and reverently give thanks for the harvest.  For it is not to our efforts alone that our measure of success is due; but to the life principle in our earth and the seed, to the sunshine and to the rain–to the goodness of God.


We may not be altogether satisfied with the year’s results, and we can do a terrific amount of grumbling when we take the notion.  But I am sure we all know in our hearts that we have a great deal for which to be thankful.  In spite of disappointment and weariness and perhaps sorrow, His goodness and mercy does follow us all the days of our lives.


As the time approaches when we shall be called upon by proclamation to give thanks, we must decide whether we shall show our thankfulness only by overeating at the Thanksgiving feast.  That would seem a rather curios way to show gratitude-simply to grasp greedily what is given!



When a neighbor does us a favor, we show our appreciation of it by doing him a favor in return.  Then when the Lord showers favors upon us, how much more should we try to show our gratitude in such ways acceptable to Him, remembering always the words of Christ, “Inasmuch as ye have done I unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

Laura Ingalls Wilder in “Thanks for the Harvest”  1921

Happy Thanksgiving!

8 thoughts on “from Laura Ingalls Wilder

  1. I’m waiting for my second turkey to come out of the oven….so FINALLY I can catch up on a little blog reading while the bird finishes cooking. (and it better hurry because the 8:00 coffee Jeff brought back from Starbucks is wearing off! Haha) Just went through all of the posts I missed..your blog is still one of my favorites. 🙂 When you wrote within ten years you could be a grandparent, I turned to Jeff and said “Within ten years we could be grandparents!” He didn’t seem to phased by this. He just said Yep.
    Time goes fast, doesn’t it?

    Glad your family is able to get together for the holiday. How nice to have everyone come to your house too. The delicious meal, your cozy candles….I feel relaxed when I visit your blog. I can’t imagine how lovely sitting in your home would be!

    Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving Shanda!

  2. Hi Shanda, I woke up this morning and realized that you would be more than halfway through celebrating Thanksgiving with your family. I wanted to pop in and say I hope you are having a wonderful day, and I really enjoyed the Laura Ingalls Wilder quotes. Sophie had to dress up as a famous person at school yesterday, and she went as Laura! Fortunately her (Australian) teacher is a big Little House fan and had read one of the books out loud to the class this year.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you had a great one! Look fwd to maybe pix you took and fun you had at your house!
    I am thankful for you friend!

  4. The richness and beauty of that photo! Bob and I were talking last night about how pretty the colors of this season and Christmas are. I said that they mirror what God created. The Laura Ingalls wilders’s quotes are lovely. We washed couch cushions too. We have off white leather. I started cleaning off the arms that looked dirty, which led to the cushions too…thankfully Bob jumped in and did most of it. It all looks so fresh and nice now. Funny how company coming gives the push.
    So many good memories with the holidays and food. The homemade stuffing we make was my Danish grandmother’s recipe. We tear up bread too. I found that xanthan gum, which I buy for our GF cooking, makes the gravy thicken up wonderfully. Our Nana used to always make the gravy, so I was happy with the new found trick.

  5. I have had to buy eggs, too. I hate doing it. Can’t stand grocery store eggs, even the ‘cage free’, but…it’s just what happens with chickens in the winter-time.

    I loved your ‘Little House’ quotes. Makes me want to go read all of those books again. I have the whole set, plus, the whole set of Laura and Almanzo books after they moved to Missouri. I’ve read all of the ‘Little House’ books so many times. I can always get lost in them.

    I always consider it a compliment when someone tells me my Thanksgiving dinner tastes just like my Mom’s. It’s what I strive for, because she always did it best. I miss her so much.

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