happy halloween!


I bought Seth and Seth’s costumes at Costco over a month ago and didn’t let them try them on or anything, they were beyond thrilled when Halloween finally came.  They wore their costumes for half the day.  Sarah’s Snow White skirt sprinkled glitter all over the house.


She loved her magic wand.


Those bare toes!  The day was cloudy and damp, but mild, in the 60’s.

Rich got home around 5:30 and I went to get Jacob from school.  Jacob dressed up as an Army guy for Halloween, he was so excited to go trick or treating.  David and Caleb wanted to be Ninjas.  I ordered their costumes from amazon but they were allowed to wear theirs last week to a school event and a party.   Of course, in the meantime, Caleb lost his mask so we resorted to painting his face.  They also lost their belts.  They were happy, regardless.  It was finally time to go!


David and Caleb carried pillowcases to collect their candy in and the little ones carried McDonald’s buckets that the Happy Meals came in last week.

We drove to the school to get Grace from drama rehearsal.  Ethan stayed home because he thinks Halloween is ridiculous.

The only sad thing that happened was Jacob kept getting ignored at the doors.  He finally gave up trying to be a kid just out to have fun trick or treating, took his military stuff off,  and my heart ached……he ended up with a little bit of candy, but it’s just not the same when you’re 16 and six feet tall trying to go around with younger siblings and people are giving you dirty looks (so he thought).  Sometimes it’s hard to grow up.  Maybe next year he can go with a bunch of friends his own age?  I don’t know, how old were you when you stopped trick or treating?

Grace didn’t have a costume and spent her time helping Sarah Joy and talking my ear off.  She decided she was dressed as Sarah’s “nanny” and we all laughed when someone asked her what she was dressed up as and Caleb said, “She’s our little sister’s granny.”  LOL  “Nanny, kid.  Nanny.”  she corrected.

It was fun to be outside walking the dark streets with the children, they were perfectly satisfied after about an hour and came home with enough candy to last at least a couple of days.

Once in a young lifetime one should be allowed to have as much sweetness as one can possibly want and hold.  ~Judith Olney

4 thoughts on “happy halloween!

  1. That’s too bad about Jacob 😦 I had some older kids come to the door in a group and I gave them all candy. We should encourage teenagers to have “good clean fun”.

  2. That is so silly that he was given dirty looks: if you have taken the time to dress up you deserve a candy, if you are a child that is not in a costume you still deserve a candy (perhaps their parents wouldn’t buy them one). Either way, if you are going to deem yourself the costume/age police you probably shouldn’t be handing out candy. The end. 🙂 On a brighter note, the kids looked so cute! xoxo

  3. oh they looks so cute. I like the pumpkins too! As our big guys got older we told them they had to make their costumes really good…something about being 6 foot tall is a challenge 🙂 Dan made a tree costume out of corrugated cardboard and paint and Nick dressed as a lumber jack…that was very popular. Another time Nick made a cardboard boat held on by suspenders and he was the fisherman in the boat. Dan also made a Boba Fett helmet and backpack from Star Wars. They were creative. So it seems they went til about 15, taking David along. David doesn’t like candy, so actually stopped going by his teens.

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