it’s somebody named seth

blue guys


Seth, our youngest boy (of which we have five) has been heart achingly cute this weekend (and always).  He did many cute things which will not be mentioned here today.   However, the two blue guys must be mentioned.  Rich and I had to run errands on Saturday morning and Seth came along, bringing with him white paper, a drawing book, and a blue marker.  He is an energetic sort of person, lighthearted,  jolly,  fun, sparkling with LIFE, so to see him concentrating back there in his seat with a marker was too much.  Then, to see his drawing!  I delight.  The bendable arms!  The hands like balls!  The long frog-like mouths!  And the speech bubble!  He only knows one word, and it is “H”.

The blue guys remind me of the song Jacob (16) has been playing over and over; “Blue (Da Ba De)” from Iron Man 3.  It’s so weird, I laugh.

When we were out running errands, Rich and Ethan dropped Sarah and me off at Eddie Bauer so I could return the pants which were too short and baggy.  Then we went to Gap Kids.  I made a discovery.  Sarah, who is three now, apparently loves to go shopping.  I’ve never specifically “gone shopping” with her other than the typical grocery or Target runs.  She was dreadfully hard to manage.  Happy, eager, decisive.   She managed to buy some black boots, and tights that have a teddy bear on the bum, but Seth (who was with his Dad and brother) also made out well.  I bought him some new church clothes.


Sunday morning.  Oh, Sunday morning how you challenge me.  But dressing Seth, who was properly scrubbed with a white washcloth of all blue marker remnants, was a satisfaction.  He was clean.  He was clean AND stylish, wearing clothes which were neither too big, nor too small, nor ripped, nor mismatched.  It called for a short photo shoot.








He understands, his mother fusses, and thinks he’s pretty special.


The drive to church was alarmingly quiet.  The back seat normally fools and teases; all was silent.  Rich and I took attendance, wondering if we accidently left someone behind.  All was well, “This is the nicest trip to church we’ve ever had!” I remarked.  Ethan laughed.

The children are all too old to go to nursery during church services and the hour is long for them and for me.  It starts out so beautiful; we snuggle in, oh it’s so warm and sweet to be singing together and worshiping.  Then.  It gets even warmer.  I need a little space.  The small boys can’t handle sitting by me, they know I am the soft parent and will soothe, pat, give mints, give anything to keep them quiet.  Outwardly I am serene, inwardly I am getting more and more tense.  Why is this song so long and loud?”  Seth wonders.  We survive.  Seth’s outer shirt is removed, he’s hot.  Sarah is put in the nursery again “just this once”.  I pass out mints.  The sermon starts, and as Gary preaches about raising godly children in modern day America, Seth begins to fall asleep.






When I showed Seth his pictures this morning he gazed and I said, “Who’s that?”

“It’s nobody.” he says.

“Yes, it is!”  I say,  “It’s Somebody.  It’s somebody named Seth.”


I enjoyed Seth and his siblings so much this weekend that I left yesterday afternoon and spend three blissful hours, alone, at Barnes and Noble bookstore.

14 thoughts on “it’s somebody named seth

  1. This had me laughing. I’ve been there! For years! Now, at last, all our children don’t fuss during Mass. Nicholas and Anna are servers, and that has helped a lot. They have a purpose, and they love to serve Mass. The 3 hour book store break sounds like bliss!

  2. I want to go to Barnes and Noble! 😀
    I can so relate. I’m busy with the gum, and the passing of pens and paper. Although yesterday at the reformation service, I passed out no pens and no paper and everyone was SO good. Maybe we should always skip? ha.

  3. oh yes, I can so relate too! One of mine has adhd, and its so hard to keep him still! Gum, paper, pens, you name it. But they really try their best, and its so nice that everyone seems to understand. Three hours at the bookstore? Youre blessed:)

  4. If people could see the bubble above my head, it would probably have an ‘H’ too. I like that. 🙂 So cute.

    Those are amazing candid shots of Seth in church, and the photos of him in the leaves are sweet, too. He’s a handsome little guy.

    I also have to say…I’m so in love with your fireplace.

  5. Ahhh!!! This post made me LAUGH!! First of all, Seth is ADORABLE. Second of all, “Outwardly I am serene, inwardly I am getting more and more tense. ” Cackle of laughter. Third of all, Seth’s reaction to his pictures. Too hilarious. And finally, the Barnes and Noble follow-up. Priceless. 😀

  6. I loved this post! Why? Why is it so hard to get boys properly dressed for church? With “clothes which were neither too big, nor too small, nor ripped, nor mismatched”, which describes my boys on any given Sunday 🙂 Seth does look very handsome! I love the pictures of him in church too!

    I also couldn’t help but spy the lovely “Give Thanks” banner hanging on the new mantle. So beautiful and homey! Have a wonderful week Shanda!

  7. WOW, Seth looks older then he appears in the new clothing…Thinking about seth, reminded me of the time i came over to chop wood, Caleb was anxious to bring me to the woods to see the fort he made, he grabbed my hand and was practically dragging me down the road, Seth came with, so i grabbed his hand, but he was wanting to leave my side and go into the road, i told Seth to listen to me……. Caleb said this, “Seth, even though Mike is not our Dad, you still have to listen” I turned to Caleb and said thank you cause Seth was not quite listening….

    Michael T Payne

  8. I love this expose on Seth. The 4th picture of him, from above, is my favorite. No, wait, I think it’s the series at church where first he is paying attention, notices the camera, makes the face, then falls asleep; So precious!

    I only have 2 sons (and a daughter in Heaven), but I smiled knowing that I too have passed out mints in church service.

    I’m glad I found your WP. I’m still only at Xanga, but I hope that you can visit sometimes.

  9. Seth is so cute…can’t believe how much he’s growing up.
    I was just talking to another mom in church on Sunday about the days of pacing around the back of church bouncing a baby who couldn’t sit during service. Haha.
    All our kids sit still now. It’s bittersweet…I miss little ones, but it is nice to have older kids and freedom to take notes in church again.

    ….and a trip alone to B&N sounds lovely. I was there Sunday too…but not alone. 😉
    Happy Tuesday to you!

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