cappuccino in a jar, a turtle, a leech, and football

3 thoughts on “cappuccino in a jar, a turtle, a leech, and football”

  1. I laughed out loud at you bonding with the leech. 🙂 I have a couple of those Gooseberry Patch books, and they always inspire me to cook or create something when I thumb through them. The Cappuccino recipe makes me want coffee! It looks delicious!

    Though I've never had an affinity for football, I was sort of forced to enjoy it because I was in the band. Still, seeing your pictures of Jacob and the football team make me feel nostalgic. He must be really good if he is the quarterback!

  2. I love the mug and the books and really really want to flip through them to see what they are like! Very funny about the leech, we used to find them all the time when we went fishing with my Dad growing up, I do not have very fond memories of them and would have sided with Rich on that one! Football pics made me sad b/c he looks so so grownup!!!

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