snapshots from the weekend

A few months ago I had the best time asking the children questions.  I had a list of 12 questions (lifted with permission from crappy pictures blog) and asked each of my seven children them all, alone, without the siblings around so they didn’t influence each other.  It was not only fun but also interesting and impressive.  I wrote it all down in my journal and still chuckle over them.
For example:
What is the meaning of life? 
“To enjoy God’s creations.  Because every day on the bus I just look out the window.  To see God’s creations.”  Caleb, age 8
What do you want to be when you grow up? 
“That’s a hard, hard question.  I really don’t know–there’s lots of things I want to be.  A scientist, a librarian, a book writer (which you don’t have to go to college for), or an herpetologist.”  David, 10
What brings you the most happiness?
“Singing”  Grace, age 13
What are you afraid of?
“Nothing”  Ethan, age 15
When do you feel the most loved?
“I like my mommy.”  Seth
“At Grandma’s house.”  Jacob
What is the best thing in the world?
“I like to eat chicken” Seth
What is the funniest word?
“I laugh at the trees.”  Sarah, 3
“butt”  Caleb
“fud”  Jacob
“cumquat”  Ethan
“meow”  Seth
What makes you mad?
“I don’t have mad.  I just happy!”  Sarah
What is the worse thing in the world?
“being alone”  Ethan
“homicide”  Jacob
“sin” Caleb
“my stomach hurts”  Seth
What is the meaning of love?
“Butterflies in the stomach….marriage–but I don’t even think THAT makes sense because what if you love a cat?  How about, universal unity?”  Jacob
“To make more people”  David


 On Friday, Grace was able to come right home and not stay after school for anything.  I found it touching that Sarah got right in the couch with her big sister and snuggled in….they watched youtube music videos together. 

I got up and made a big Saturday morning breakfast with pancakes, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, and scrambled eggs.  Seth was so impressed that on Sunday morning he asked, “Can you make That Breakfast again, Mom?”

Our little girl kitten, Silkie.  Watching out the window


Poor Caleb got all grumpy so I told him to take a nap on the couch.  He stuffed his head in between the cushions and went right to sleep.  xoxo
The fire department had their annual “rent a table” tag sale and I bought a box of horsies for Sarah Joy.  She loves making up little stories with them.


Other tag sale purchases:  A wooden napkin holder and a pretty candle.

Parker in a sunbeam with those soft floppy ears.

I got these two old frames from a second hand store….I have so many pictures and whenever I see frames I search out the ones that have interesting shapes, like these two, with gold matting.  The picket-fence picture is a favorite of mine, of little Grace years ago.
I’m going to make a pillow from this old quilt scrap, also found at the second hand store in town.

Well, it’s hard to see, but I was taking a picture of baby fish in our pond.  Rich and I walked around checking them out.  He says the bass (not pictured) might be big enough to fish next year.  I wonder if it will happen, as he and Ethan have them practically as PETS at this point.  🙂

Saturday evening tea time with Jacob and Gracie.  

Oh, this one is funny.  Sort of.  We have a big sectional sofa which is hard to vacuum thoroughly so I don’t do it very often.  The urge struck me last week to take it all apart and do a proper cleaning.  I not only threw away a lot of garbage, but collected all this stuff, too. 

These are the days of toys in the couch.  How I’ll miss them.

9 thoughts on “snapshots from the weekend

  1. Oh dear…I wonder what things lurk in my couches? Love the photo frames…So beautiful! The interview sure made me smile….silly kids. I might have to steal this idea…

  2. I recently finished Annie Dillard's memoir about growing up in Pittsburgh—I really enjoyed it. I like the photo of the tea pot and cups, and congrats to Jacob on his first football game. I'll tell Cameron that there is hope for him to take it up in high school.

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