anniversary pictures and such

this one is my favorite
I wrote yesterday that I was going to meet Rich for an anniversary lunch so we could kiss….but, HOWEVER, as soon as I got off the computer the school nurse called and said that Ethan had to come home, sick.  He’s had a bad cough for almost 2 weeks and kept having coughing attacks during class.  Yesterday it was all too much for him so he came home and crashed.  I took him to the docs and he was diagnosed with “almost bronchitis” so we went to Target to fill a prescription for antibiotics.  When we got home he slept and slept and it did a world of good, he got that sparkle back in his eyes and started smiling again.  Anyway, I had that situation happen and then Jacob texted me and said I had to pick him up from school at 2 (the exact time I was to meet the husband) and take him to the fairgrounds so he and the rest of the football team could do their community service by cleaning the grounds after the fair this past weekend.  Okay!  So, Rich and I, we decided to go out to dinner instead.  After picking up Jacob and Grace from their school activities, we were ready and on our way by 6:30.  Yes indeed, we had a nice Mexican dinner … and guess what?  The food was served on the dearest FIESTAWARE plates.  I almost stole one but my Christian convictions stopped me. 
Grace took the pictures of us before we left and I have decided I hate my hair but oh well, I did take the ponytail out on our way to dinner and that seemed better.   (trying to grow out the bangs, but not fully committed)  I wore a green anthropologie dress, a cardigan, and wedge sandals.  This is noteworthy because I was originally going to wear comfortable jeans but I could hear my sister saying, “You better dress up for your date!”  So, thank you, Amanda.
It is a gorgeous fall day today and I’ve gotten a lot accomplished.  I feel like I could do anything in Autumn, it is my favorite time of year, the season in which I feel the most alive and energetic!
“Delicious autumn! 
My very soul is wedded to it,
and if I were a bird
I would fly about the earth
seeking the successive autumns.”
George eliot

14 thoughts on “anniversary pictures and such

  1. Happy Anniversary! Sweet pictures of you two. I think you look very pretty.

    I tried to grow out my bangs in the past year and by the time I finally decided to get it cut, I was at the point of wanting to buzz my whole head, LOL. Drove me nuts.

  2. your thieving temptation cracked me up:):) love the dress on you and the shoes too! Its so hard to grow hair out when not fully committed! I know the feeling….i do the exact same with my bangs and end up cutting it every time. I do think bangs kind of suit you though…but you look beautiful either way!! whick hairstyle does your hunny prefer?
    happy anniversary!
    don't you love how we moms think we will have all this time once the kids are back in school? no sir…there is always a phone call or extra errand to do for school.

  3. These photos are darling. My favorite photos are numbers two and three, Rich looks so happy with you in his arms 🙂 Glad I came over and got the full story here. It is nice to “dress up” for your date…I have tried to do that a bit more myself, as my standard uniform is a tank top and capri's this time of year. One evening I changed to a skirt and Bob noticed!

  4. Happy, HaPpY Anniversary! I LOVE your outfit..those shoes are adorable, the dress, the sweater..all perfect. and I don't think the ponytail looked bad. 🙂

    I laughed at your convictions with the dishes.
    There is an Italian restaurant in the city that we go to and I love their dishes. They serve family style and I love the platters. I always joked about taking one and finally one night I asked the waiter if I could buy one. The manager at the time said I could have it for $60! I said no way..I liked it, but not that much. {It was a small platter..equal in size to the oval fiesta serving dish} So the next time we went in to eat I was with my brothers, sister in laws and friends. I kept on joking with the workers, making a big deal about how I was going to steal plates. So when they packed up our food, they stuck a platter in my bag!!! The guy told me..”You didn't see anything” and smiled, told me not to tell other customers it was a gift from the restaurant. 😉
    So now whenever I pull it out at a family party we all laugh about the plate.

    Glad your kids are feeling better.
    and running around..isn't it crazy when kids get older and start to have lives of their own! Lol.

    A beautiful couple with a beautiful family.
    Happy Anniversary again. 🙂

  5. happy anniversary to you! I love seeing how your older ones are growing so. The littles are adorable – and aren't they wonderful little companions and friends? Blessings there on your day.

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