one of my favorite days, ever

In love we escape from our self into one another.  C.S. Lewis

Rich and I were married on this beautiful very day, long ago.  I was contemplating “18 years” this morning and thinking of what has changed in our relationship during our life together.  One of the more important changes has been in my own heart.  For many years I struggled to make our marriage what “I” wanted it to be…in my mind, my desires and the advice I read in books or articles was “right” and what he was doing was “wrong”.  I wish I had understood then that the pride I held in my heart (of believing that I had all the answers) was what was doing the most damage in our marriage. 

Namely, my main issue was that I believed he was working too much and over-committing himself.  Such a little thing when there are so many men who truly are terrible; wife abusers, womanizers, Rich is none of these!  He is a good, generous Christian man who happens to have a highly involved work (which provides wonderfully for our big family.)  There is so much peace in simply living life and accepting it for what it is.  Accepting HIM for who he is.

I have no regrets, just joy in knowing that each ordinary day is special because it is what God has given.  I’m glad I was married at 19, and even more glad that with maturity comes contentment and rest.  There is still so much to learn.  God is good and I love being married.  I am thankful for my hard-working, good natured husband who provides so well for our family.  The children adore their Dad.

Rich couldn’t take our anniversary-day off (he is romantic and usually does) so he took Friday off and we decided to spend the morning driving along the back roads ….. our destination was a farm store about an hour away that sold fresh, quality dairy products  (I’m laughing b/c it sounds SO unromantic) but with the intentions of stopping when we saw anything that looked interesting. 

First stop?  STARBUCKS and we took our adorable boy and girl in with us for treats.  Sarah chose a pretzel  and Seth ate the frosting off the top of his “morning bun”.  Rich got his typical coffee with caramel syrup and I got my new favorite Starbucks coffee:  blonde roast.  Finally a regular cup of coffee from starbucks that’s not so strong it stings my teeth, the blond roast is just right.

We loved the drive.  We talked and talked and got all caught up.  Oh it was wonderful.  I took pictures out the window as we went along.  The morning was bright and sunny.

a lovely brick church

church on a hill

beautiful church

a sign that made me smile

we also stopped at a park

seth and sarah were thrilled with the fountain

the gardens were so pretty

seth took this one!

morning glories

back in the truck, and I see another pretty church

I’ve eaten thousands of pizzas with this man.

I had really wanted to visit an independent book seller and WE FOUND ONE!!!  This used bookstore was quaint, in an old brick factory building with wood floors, tall windows, and operated by an older gentleman, wise and kind.

I couldn’t believe this Sherlock Holmes book display!  Grace would have been astounded, she’s a big fan.

interesting little booklets

Me, with Seth and Sarah


We bought a stack of books; two origami books for our son David’s birthday, a book each for S and S.  I found a George Mueller biography and a CS Lewis anthology.  Rich found several Bible Study books, too.

After a stop at a consignment shop where I got two pairs of cool shoes, we made our way to the diary goods store for fresh milk, butter, cheese, and award-winning sour cream.

We each got an ice cream to enjoy.

We arrived back home just in time to get David and Caleb off the bus.  We’ve had a nice weekend and later today I am meeting Rich at work for lunch and a kiss.

Happy Monday, friends! 

Love is always ready to deny itself, to give, sacrifice, just in the measure of its sincerity and intensity. Perfect love is perfect self-forgetfulness. Hence where there is love in a home, unselfishness is the law. Each forgets self and lives for others.  J.R. Miller

PS. My friend Bridgette sent me the dress for Sarah Joy.  (Thank you, B!  I hope you liked seeing her in it!  xoxo)

18 years

9 thoughts on “one of my favorite days, ever

  1. I had to smile when you said that your day sounded “unromantic” 🙂 I have spent many anniversaries in the same way. (we just celebrated 28!) Isn't it amazing how much fun it is to just BE with your sweetie…no strict agenda…just enjoying exploring and talking. In our early days I may have been a little stressed at his very strong work ethic 🙂 but I have grown to LOVE that very thing about him. He works so hard for his family.
    Hope your honey enjoys his Anniversary lunch (and his kiss too!)

  2. Happy Anniversary to a lovely couple who we dearly admire and cherish. I love watching you grow through your blog and the love expressed to one another in pictures. The Lord has blessed you abundantly! I agree with you how over time you mature in your marriage and the contentment in brings and so much more there is to learn…. Just like our relationship with Christ! We will never stop growing and learning and deepening in our love with Him and as we love and know Him more….how much more our earthly relationships with our husbands grows and develops shining forth His glory! Hope that makes sense. 🙂

    I noticed Sarah in her dress. She looks adorable! Thanx for letting me see her in it! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. dearset shanda…happy anniversary to you and your man!! I love what you wrote in the beginning of the post…that is on my heart also!! I think Rob and Rich are similar in many ways.
    Sarah looks adorable in her white dress:) and the church buildings are artistic and beautiful!

  4. Happy Happy Anniversary, my friend! I'm so glad for you two! I love reading about your family!

    Can I just take a side moment to say that I too love the blonde roast! Finally a drink there I can stand! ha!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you and Rich! It is a blessing to see the sweet love you have for one another. You outing looks like so much fun. I love how you answer most all of my questions. I was especially wondering what you found at the bookstore 🙂 May God continue to bless your marriage and family. Sending you our love

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