school starts on wednesday

I have an extra large house full today.  There are about five construction workers here, busy with the new addition.  At any moment the door will open and one of the guys will walk through the house.  Also, our friends are taking their daughter to a specialist in Boston today and we invited their two teenagers over for the day.  Michael, Jake’s friend from church, is here, too.

The morning air smelled so sweet and soft, and a veil of clouds covered the sunshine as I sat and read CS Lewis in the rocking chair at breakfast time.   Since then, we have had a few light rain showers.

I just made a six box batch of Annie’s macaroni and cheese for lunch.

My 13 (soon to be 14) year old daughter, Grace, is going to the High School today at one o’clock for her Freshman orientation party.  She is ready to go, with black pants, a long sleeved purple shirt, hair brushed, earrings on.  I had to stop her from playing football with the boys so she didn’t get all sweaty. 

I have mom-guilt.  The plans I had in the beginning of summer, to teach cursive, to read the Pirate book out loud, to make sure they got their summer math papers done……(cries)…….didn’t get done.

And here I am, sitting at the computer when I could be giving Caleb a cursive writing class!

It’s the first time I’ve sat down all morning.

And I’M GONNA enjoy it!  Everyone else is in the upstairs of the garage playing Apples to Apples.  I have some time to post pictures from the weekend.

Kathy came over with her kids on Friday and we went downtown for pizza. 
This butterfly fluttered it’s wings constantly as it sipped from the flowers.

Kaitlyn, Emily, Caleb, David, and Seth is under the dock.

Bethany Grace and Sarah Joy

Ethan and Kevin
all of these children have been friends since the diaper days.

I made cookies!  I only had enough butter for one batch.  And then, when I was out of the room Sarah fed about 6 to the DOG.
I also made a chocolate cake.

We moved the table into the new addition and put all the leaves in it and the chairs around it.  VERY exciting.

the other side of the room; pantry skeleton on the right.

The kittens curled up on the paper and slept all day (Saturday)…at one point they woke up, shredded up a page, and fell back to sleep surrounded by bits of paper.

I went to Old Navy. (new shirt, new pants)

new sneakers

Jacob ate a peach off our tree and found a small white grub in the middle with the pit.  So I picked every peach.  This is a half-bushel basket….I spent hours in the kitchen peeling each one and getting the grub out (if there was a grub).  I am sickened and will probably not eat any, but I got four bags of perfectly clean peaches in the freezer, ready for smoothies.

These are my children for the day–my seven plus Mike (red shirt and hat), Ethan (orange shirt–he likes Grace–) and Erinn (girl holding Sarah).  They are such great people, and what a joy to have different ages.  They are each so unique and fun.  And, good-looking, too!

Ethan found this baby snake on our dirt driveway.  Isn’t it the cutest thing?

11 thoughts on “school starts on wednesday

  1. Hopefully by the time you get a hankering for a smoothie, the grub memories will be gone. Plus, a different form when you pull them from the freezer. I've seen recipes too for peach dump cake, which I think would be good. The addition is so big and roomy! I hope Grace enjoys her picnic!

  2. What a good looking bunch you have today. I am sure you will be pretty tired by day end, but I think all the kids will think of these last days of summer were wonderful.

    You were smart to go after the grubs and salvage the peaches, I don't think I would have thought to do that. I get how you feel after, and hope you can enjoy some of them later.

    So fun to see Sarah. As the littlest, she changes the most, and cracks me up with her expressions and poses. So cute.

  3. I have mom guilt from the summer too. I had a list I wanted to do with the kiddos. Not all of it got done. My reading list was long. My activity list was long as well. I have a friend who does ABC summer. It is where you do something for the entire alphabet list. We didn't get most of the alphabet list completed. Hopefully, next summer.

    Love the glimpse of the new addition.

  4. Mommy guilt here too, I didn't do or get done what I planned either…feel like a slacker 😦

    I join you in that area in feeling guilty.

    Anyways can't believe Grace is in high school already too!

    Can't wait to see your addition finished.


  5. Love that new addition. You are going to love it more when they all fly out of the nest and bring their families home.
    Room to have dinner. Aaaahhhh!!!
    I know….a little soon for that, but that is where I am now.
    Living in a small vintage home with never enough room for seating when they come home for holidays.
    Just sayin'.

  6. I have mom guilt too….there were so many plans I had for this summer and hardly any of them have been accomplished! Buuut, it's okay. It bothers us more than the kids. 😉

    I can't wait to see your new addition! How exciting!

  7. We found the same exact snake (size, markings, colors) in our basement just yesterday! How funny… we must both live on the east coast or something :o)
    I was suppose to have our entire home school year planned before we begin the school year – that hasn't happened as of yet. However, we're not starting until October 1st, so I still time. And in-between now and then we're headed to Disney World and I'm moving my mother from Iowa out here with us (should I start praying now?)
    Lord willing…

  8. What a beautiful summer you all had! The boys are sleeping now but when they wake up I'm going to show them the picture of the baby snake, they will love it 🙂 I love the new addition and I can't wait to see it finished!

  9. Your new addition is so wonderful — can't wait to see it all finished. Sarah fed the cookies to the dog — they must love her now! She has grown so fast and I love her new little outfit and it looks like she does too.

  10. You addition is huge!!!!! So happy for you to gain all that extra space for your growing family! If I ever travel that way I shall surely visit you!! I often think of you in my daily life…you make life beautiful for your family…thats an example for me!! Its so easy to get “dry” and weighed down….

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