loving these days


 W E L C O M E S

(pictures from today):

This morning I had my coffee out on the porch with morning sun and the hummingbirds.

See it?

our dog Parker
my son Caleb, reading….every time I turn around he’s on top of the armoire

“O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever.”

We went for a walk today and noticed the wild grapes were ripening.  These are at the tippy top of a tall tree.

climbing for a bunch of grapes


the prize

at the edge of the woods we found wild berries rambling through the grass

this caterpillar looks like the top of a toothbrush

both of my daughters went home with things; Grace had an armful of milkweed seedpods and a handful of berries
sarah had two little red leaves

afternoon project; Ethan and Dave made grape juice from the wild grapes

and look who made it home.

What is it about these “end of summer” days that pull the heartstrings so?  I love this time of year, it appeals to my sentimental personality.  Besides savoring the lastness of this glorious season before school starts again, I am greatly enjoying my home and eagerly longing to nest, rearrange, decorate, clean, organize.  I love beautiful things and making a house into a home.  This afternoon I’ve been looking through a new Country Living magazine (British Edition).  I have some extra time to relax and enjoy it, as apparently I don’t have to make dinner tonight.   Rich says all he wants…….is me.

“The best welcomes are waiting just inside the door.  Nothing beats a warm hug and a personal greeting from a friend, a child, or an excited barking dog, for getting a visit, a dinner, or a party off to a good start.”  Mary Randolph Carter

9 thoughts on “loving these days

  1. LOVE this post!!! Every picture, every little detail.
    The porch especially..oh how welcoming.

    How nice to have grapes growing wild near your home! I love your woods.
    and your new kitchen, so beautiful! =)

  2. You said 'longing to nest'. >8-O Is there something the blogging world needs to know? 🙂

    I agree with everyone above. I couldn't have said it better. Your blog says 'home' and your pictures should be in a magazine! I feel like I'm reading a good magazine when I read your blog. Makes me think I need to put my own blog out it's misery.

    Praying your 'today' is just as wonderful as your 'yesterday'.

  3. What a wonderful world our God has made! I love how you capture the simple things that really are the BIG things we so often take for granted…. Like the look in a dogs eyes or the beauty in a wild berry. Spending time with family to teach them all about our Lord through the work of His hands just makes me smile. Great reminders to all of us today to just enjoy what God has given to all of us each day. Sometimes we just need to slow down and see it. Thanks Shanda, have a wonderful day today. Lynn

  4. I know what you mean about summer days…maybe it is the savoring of the happy warm days. Glad Rich is home. I always love that you take us on your rambling walks. Love to everyone.

  5. What lovely pics, love Parker's eyes and your little boy on the furniture reading…that is so great. Also your little girl's little baby hands. That is soooo sweet. What a sweet family, every one.

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