a wedding

My husband’s administrative assistant was married on Friday afternoon.  Rich and I were looking forward to going to the wedding, and he told me that we would have to leave at 2:45 to get to the chapel on time.  Is there a “running late” person in every couple?  That would be Rich.  I was completely ready and waiting when he came walking in the door at 2:45, in running clothes (how ironic, he loves to run, and he’s often running late).  He changed as fast as he could but we hit pretty much every red light on the way, and then couldn’t find the right place.   Even though the drive started out romantically as I was admiring the clouds, talking to my husband,  and feeling all cute in my fancy dress, I ended up clutching the door handle in silence as he drove faster and faster, and we were all stressed out by the time we got there, the wedding party lining up outside the chapel, ready to walk in.  I detest being late…..however……

*Thank you, Lord* that we were late, because I was the only photographer outside to take pictures of  the bride and her Father getting out of the limo and giving last hugs before the ceremony.  It broke my heart to see the two of them, Daddy and his little girl.

And we weren’t the only ones, late, either, about 8 other people had also had trouble finding the place.  We all waited until the bride had walked the aisle and then we were able to enter the beautiful chapel.  Rich and I sat on the left in the very last row.  I sat on the end next the aisle and was able to take pictures throughout.  We had little Sarah Joy with us and she loved seeing the pretty ladies all dressed up.  It was hot, no air conditioning, but the ceremony was lovely. 


the bride’s father adjusted her train whenever necessary, which I thought was so sweet

kneeling together

holding hands


The reception was at a separate location and the only picture I took was of the pretty cake.  While the bride and groom had there professional pictures taken, the guests were able to eat and drink.  Rich and I shared sangrias with lemonade and nibbled on appetizers, while chatting with friends.
The appetizer buffet included:  macaroni and cheese, vegetables and humus, olives, crackers and cheese, tortilla chips with hot cheese dip, and fruits.  Besides these things, waiters walked around offering scallops wrapped in bacon, sesame chicken, and spring rolls.
For dinner I chose the surf n’ turf, with lobster tail and filet mignon, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. 
The cake was white with strawberry cream filling, with a chocolate covered strawberry.
The music was so loud that we couldn’t talk to anyone without shouting, Sarah Joy was a perfect angel and the others loved seeing her.  The bride’s father came over and talked so nicely to Sarah and said that he used to have a little girl with blond hair like her.  (the bride, oh my heart)   I got all emotional during the Father/Daughter dance, the Mother/Son dance, and the Bride/Groom first dance.  And to think, Lord willing, there will be seven weddings in my future, for my own children.  I will be a wreck.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention, Rich and I slow danced with Sarah between us, in our arms.  She laughed and laughed. 

15 thoughts on “a wedding

  1. So sweet. I'll say it again…you have a gift with that camera. It takes more than just 'skill' to capture the things you see with your camera. Then there is your way with words that so beautifully capture things.

    Hope you are having a wonderful day today.


  2. What a beautiful bride and wedding! Sorry you didn't have pics of you three!! Is there anyway to subscribe to this blog?

  3. It's perfect that you WERE late, because you got those treasured shots! Also, that you got to sit in the back and get the shots you did because they are beautiful and you were no doubt, not so conspicuous. You captured the beauty of the moments, beautifully!

  4. I love going to weddings with my hubby and holding his hand. They are so romantic.
    So glad you got those fabulous shots outside of the Dad and daughter. So special. Thanks for sharing all the lovely details. So fun that your little Sarah was there.

  5. I detest being late, as well. Sounds like a lovely day. I got teary reading that you got teary at those dances. Reminds me of our wedding. My cousin is getting married in a few weeks. I am really looking forward to all my family being together. Such fun we'll have!

  6. The photos you took of the bride with her father are beautiful. She is going to appreciate those so much!

    I love weddings. One of my sisters is getting married in three weeks…we are all excited. 🙂

  7. Long time reader of your blog. I just birthed my seventh child this past Friday, so I am all sorts of post partum and all that anyway…:) but I enjoyed this post. I wasn't even at the wedding and I teared up at the beautiful pictures you captured of the bride and her father. Running late, and yet God, in His infinite knowledge used you to capture such beautiful images! Thank you!:)

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