grace grows

When Grace was born in 1999, she became my dream-come-true, my first daughter. 
She was the most beautiful baby, so tiny, and she fit so well into my arms, perfectly into my life.
On most days I can push away the reality that my children are growing up before my eyes, but when along comes a milestone, my heart aches.

At five, I felt that she was out of babyhood and into childhood.
At 10, she hit the double digits, oh my heart.
At 12, she’s a BIG girl.
At 13, and now a teenager.

Last night was her 8th grade promotion ceremony.  Her big brother Ethan had his last year, so I did feel desensitized a bit, it was the same ol’ thing but with a new set of kids.  Rich and I clapped and clapped for all the children, but when we saw our Gracie-girl, we smiled big and shook our heads and felt heart-big, proud of her.  The prettiest girl in the room.

our girl in the backseat, on the way to school for her special night

receiving her certificate

singing next to her best friend, Jenna, in the school chorus

with her papa

with her mama

I only make cakes for celebrations now.  This one was for last night’s “after graduation” celebration.  It’s a Duncan Hines cake mix (carrot), with homemade coconut-cream cheese icing, and sprinkled with toasted coconut.

take it all
one day at a time
and enjoy the journey

Kristi Bartlett

16 thoughts on “grace grows

  1. Aw, what a sweet girlie you have there. And I love her name 😉

    So glad you linked to your new blog for I shall enjoy visiting you here as well.


  2. Congratulations to Grace. She is beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing your new blog. I, too, have been blogging on this site. Feel free to visit!

  3. Congratulations to your sweet daughter! Graduations are always cause to celebrate – as are cakes!

    I found your blog through another and I wanted to say hello. I have 3 daughters and 1 son (all grown now). The time does go by too quickly.

    Anyway, nice to meet you!

  4. So glad you came over! 🙂 It seems so many people have moved over to wordpress…I was feeling a bit lonely.

    Wow, I can't believe how grown up Grace is. Such a pretty girl..she looks so much like you.

    The rainbow on the post below is beautiful!

    Happy Weekend. XxOo

  5. Hi! This is Pondering from Xanga. I stopped blogging a long time ago, but have been reading your blog which I enjoy very much – without commenting. Any time I tried to log in to Xanga to comment McCafe Security (or whatever it's called) would tell me Xanga was not a trusted site! Grace is beautiful, congrats to her!

  6. It has been awesome to watch her grow into a beautiful young woman through the years. You must be so proud and congrats to Grace! Lynn

  7. Congratulations to Grace, and the proud parents for passing another milestone.

    I am pleased, though not surprised since I've been reading you awhile, to see that she wore a decent dress with a modest cut, unlike many I saw at my son's awards ceremonies. Especially if going up on a stage I don't know why some girls feel the need to wear skirts that show their whole chest, leg or more. Kudos to Grace for being a fine young lady, just like her Mama.

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