fifteen years old

March 5, 1998

I was twenty two years old and already had a 14 month old little boy named Jacob.  I went to the doctor’s office on the day Ethan was born, for a regular check up.  I wasn’t in labor, everything was fine, and back home I went for a nap.  Just as I was getting settled and sleepy, the contractions started coming.  I think I still miss the nap I lost that day. *ha ha*  At that time, Rich was working from home, and when I went downstairs to tell him it was time, he couldn’t believe it.  I called my Mom and she came to get Jacob and take him home with her.  I was sad watching them drive away down the road, but excited to soon meet our new baby. 

Labor was fast and very painful.  I was progressing fast enough on my own, but my Doctor went ahead and gave me pitocin to speed things along even faster (she was scheduled to go on vacation that afternoon, which may or may not have had anything to do with it).  Oh the agony of “natural” childbirth with labor enhancing drugs — it was no surprise that I had an epidural for the NEXT baby (Grace)……..

Regardless, Ethan was born perfectly healthy, at 6 pounds 7 ounces, and 19 inches long. 

We named him Ethan (because we loved the name) Gregory (after my Dad).  He was a perfectly lovely baby in every way.  Our second son.  We were so proud.




March 5, 2013

Fifteen years have come and gone so quickly and it is true that I love Ethan now, even more than before.  In the last fifteen years, Jacob and Ethan have been inseparable, and he has become a big brother to five more siblings, Grace, David, Caleb, Seth, and Sarah.  They all adore brother E.

Ethan is a healthy, cheerful young man who loves Jesus, his family, the outdoors, computer games, and food.  He has amazing self-confidence and believes he can do anything he sets his mind to.  He is a talented cook, (made homemade waffles for himself after school yesterday) but he cannot and will not clean unless I make him.  He is in ninth grade, plays the guitar, and gets better grades than any of his siblings….he is also involved in sports and is currently anticipating baseball season.  He loves having his classmates around him all day and when I ask him if he wants to be homeschooled again he says, “My friends would miss me.” He loves life and is only depressed when there is “nothing to eat in the house.”

I found this picture of him on my camera.  He took it himself with the timer, and uses it as his Facebook profile picture.


I took this one recently, when he was outside on the driveway, shooting baskets.


I thought he would ask to stay home from school today but he has testing going on.  While he is gone, I am driving to a bakery to pick up his most favorite dessert; a Boston Cream pie. Later on this evening, after his favorite dinner, the family will gather around the table for yet another birthday celebration, for one of the most wonderful boys in all the world.  We are truly blessed.


20 thoughts on “fifteen years old

  1. I was at the same age too, when I gave birth to my first daughter Maira and she is going to be fifteen the end of this year as well. Oh, yes … the pain of natural birth with your first child cannot be forgotten. Mine was not as fast as yours (I wish at that time it was LOL) and I have 2 days pain and finally they have to induced me and on the third day I gave birth to her. I said to my husband,`OH! NO MORE BABY! NO MORE!` hahaha … Two years later, another girl came … Then yes, the epidural – that too, was painful – when the doc stick the needle on my back! Oucchhh!You have a beautiful family, my friend! Look at your son – he has become the man he should be for his Mommie and your wonderful first prince! *smile*Happy Birtday to your Ethan! God bless all of you! ~Sherry~

  2. What a precious testimony you have written. A keepsake to savor through the years.Thank you for sharing Ethan with us. May he grow “in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man”.

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