braids in their hair

It’s thirty degrees outside.  FREEZING.  I had to walk back and forth to the chicken coop twice this morning.  Once to feed them and once to water them.

We had no milk (!) in the house and I cannot rest when this family is out of milk (wish I had a cow) so I took Seth and Sarah to the grocery store and got six gallons; I think we should be all set for the week, here’s hoping.  I bought some nice canned plum tomatoes and am going to make sauce later….and make a big gooey lasagna for dinner. 

I carried in bag after bag of groceries, and thought how nice it was that I could get a work out as I stocked up on food for the week. 

The littles are currently watching a chip n dale cartoon on YouTube.  I had to laugh, because when Sarah Joy saw what I was doing (turning on YouTube) she cried out, “NO!  Not Clara!”  I guess she’s tired of me watching those cooking shows

I twisted Sarah’s hair up into a tiny little bun the other day… she is, sitting pretty at the old easel, drawing nice.

Here she is, after I took her hair out at bedtime;

Rich had to show her what she looked like, in the mirror.

Speaking of hair styles, yesterday morning, I put some braids in the girls’ hair, for church.  Grace’s hair is past her waist now.

I am so thankful for these daughters of mine.


Grace and I have been doing puzzles lately.  It’s relaxing and fun.  She and I can talk, tease each other, or sing as we work.  Sometimes one of the boys will come along and help, but it’s mostly just the two of us.  The one we are working on now is 500 pieces and we got this far on it and then Sarah destroyed it.  We had to start over.  Sarah promises she won’t do that again. 

Happiness is picking up flowers at the grocery store, food for the soul. 

Sarah with her pretty baby pony.  She’s at the age where she’s always got a little toy in her hands.

What my living room looks like right now.


“The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy and life lovely.”   Louisa May Alcott

19 thoughts on “braids in their hair

  1. I missed having braids in my hair as a little girl, my mom kept my hair cut very short. When I got to JR high I started growing it out and a friend at school would braid it before our band halftime shows and I loved it. Oh the heartbreak of a destroyed puzzle! I can feel it!

  2. I love Sara’s shirt with yellow and gray polka dots! And those cute, chubby lil hands are so precious! I remember the days of couch cushions being off on the floor more than on the couch 🙂 Pillows and blankets off the beds more than on – still do some days. Have to remind myself it’s ok for the house to be messy – kids are only young once – let them enjoy it and have fun memories.Yea, I can imagine it takes 6 gall. of milk a week for your family 🙂 I try to stretch 3 gal. cause it’s soo expensive – we like fresh cow’s milk, but goodness, the government is so strict about it now!! :(Enjoy your week

  3. Sarah’s little bun reminds me of my husband’s grandmother who always wore her gray thinning hair in a little but on top of her head. She was still wearing it that way when she went “home” at age 102.

  4. I love the picture of Sarah with her crazy hair!! So darling! The look on her face is just as fun 🙂 Puzzles are a great pass time, one of my favorites. Gideon is my puzzle partner, usually. His personality and love of little things and details makes him the perfect puzzle partner. Both the girls are getting to big Shanda! As always, I enjoy reading your blog so much! Even though I’ve been hit and miss here lately, I do think of you often my friend 🙂

  5. Six gallons of milk! WOW! Your children are such treasures! My daughter reports that “Sarah’s twin” is a real little negotiator. If she asks for something, and you tell her no, she says, “Pweeeze, just a TINY?” So cute. When she is spoken to for being naughty, she reasons, “I be funny! I silly, mommy!” Oh my.

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