0 thoughts on “hen feathers

  1. I too, live in a farmhouse – we have a giant chicken coop and my grandma gathers the eggs every week and if one or two of the chicken were slaughtered, the feathers too, are gathered in a sack. She will sends this off to some company that do pillows.And few of the feathers were used as decos part too.And what is with George?What is with the one eye???

  2. I have a friend whose 10 year old son wanted chickens to raise…as a Christmas present.  Well, long story short, they actually found someone who had about 5 hens to spare so he got his wish.  Now he is in the chick business….eggs are hatching.  His mother calls him the ‘chicken whisperer’….he sits with the chicks on his knee and actually communicates with them.  Amazing!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the chicken pictures, so pretty! We have 10 bufforpingtons and 14 black australorps which equals 16 to 18 lovely brown eggs a day. Family and friends are grateful for the gift of eggs and it’s so nice to have a plentiful supply to eat and bake with. Have you tried making an angelfood cake? That uses up 12 egg whites and the cakes freeze well. Though they may disappear fast anyway.

  4. I finished Anna K, and I loved it. The ending was not what I expected, but I thought the book clearly showed the difference between a life lived for self and a life lived for God and family. I was surprised how troubled I was by Anna leaving her son for a man. (Since it’s only a work of fiction–and I’m thinking about her like she’s someone real in my life.) She was likable in so many ways, but I wanted to shake her so many times. What did you think? What about it haunted you?

  5. @weedorwildflower – I still have about 4 pages left; it is one of the most wonderfully-written books I’ve read.  The part that haunts me is Anna and her destruction, it was so well-written, like you said, it seemed all too real, her decent into such darkness is so sad.  I just wished she could have realized the love her husband had for her, how wrong it was to be so cold toward her children and not take on the responsibilities of her life.  Also, I couldn’t help but notice the standards for the men vs. the women….Tolstoy writes of many examples of men who have taken on mistresses, which was socially acceptable, however….Anna was shunned and cast out of society.I LOVED Kitty and Levin’s love-story and the pages devoted to the birth of their son were so special, I smiled all the way through. 

  6. I,too, loved Levin and Kitty’s love story and the birth of their son. Levin reminded me of so many people I know. Tolstoy really got in his head. He was so good at describing the psychological turmoil that so many people go through. I could totally relate to Levin when he was discouraged and anxious and he perceived that everyone was against him, even though they probably weren’t giving him a second thought!Enjoy the last few pages!

  7. Your “girls” have grown up to be real beauties. I love all the color and beauty of chicken feathers! Isn’t God amazing?! I will have to share Nana’s poppyseed cake recipe. I think it takes 10 eggs! I will look for it and try to get it copied and sent off.

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