weekend snapshots


this is the face i see when he’s got a certain hunger and there is “nothing to eat in the house”.


journal and coffee time.

rich and i took the children to crackerbarrel for breakfast; we went to *the one that we used to go to before we moved* and there was a waitress that recognized us and came over to say hi and told us how it was so nice to see our family again.  it made me feel good to be remembered, she was so friendly and kind.

jacob and grace.

sarah joy has such personality and i love to see her bright happy face and listen to her cheerful little words.

i see contentment.

on the way home, rich did a u-turn just past a garden center.  he wanted to buy me something.  we left the all the kids safely inside the vehicle (with Jacob in charge) and he took my hand.  we took 10 minutes to chose a rosemary plant and it sure smells good, strong and earthy.

we had a nice young man over for dinner on saturday night; the little ones always get so crazy-excited when someone visits.

my homemade pizza.

not pictured; the homemade chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, for dessert.

thankful, for a full weekend, family and friends.


0 thoughts on “weekend snapshots

  1. Love your new plants! I’m inspired to get more as I have always loved plants but th past 5 years or so the only thing I have managed to do is kill them!!! How do you keep them alive? Do you put a reminder in your phone to water them? How often? That could work maybe. When the older ones were little my plants were gorgeous.. Thick green and glowing healthy. As I had more kids I lost my green thumb:( would love to know how u take care of them. The faces of your family always make me happy. You guys have such a positive energy about you. It’s precious to see!Happy Monday!

  2. Aren’t weekends happy?  I could post a picture just like yours of my boys at the Toshiba.    Love the picture of you and your husband.  You guys are sweet and inspiring.  And meals out with the family with waitresses who recognize you?  Awesome!  Happy Monday, friend.

  3. We made a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting this weekend too!Love your rosemary plant, I can almost smell it through my screen….did you use fresh rosemary on your pizza? Such a beautiful family, such a great weekend you had. Happy new week to you.

  4. Hello Shanda, You probably don’t remember me, because it’s been years since I have been by your site. But you don’t look any older! Your children are all growing up so fast though!! You have such a beautiful family!! I’m so glad to see that God is still being so good to you!! May the lord keep blessing you and you whole family!!! I plan on starting up my site again soon!! stop by and comment. Well Hope you have a relaxing evening, night!!Kelly

  5. I love this blog – MUCH! *smile*Seeing faces of many happy kids there and the eating. Don`t you think kids eat wayyyy much? My kids eats more and more these days that I noticed two package of noodles are not enough anymore. I think the whole family can eat even on whole cow, U know. LOL- I like the rosemary there. Do U use it also for cooking? Or just leave it in that pot? hehe -Your little girl there looks so adorably cute. Seems she is happy there or the food makes her merry!You take care, my friend! And oh! You two are great looking couple. Till then!~Sherry~

  6. I can’t get over how much your Sarah looks like my little Sianna! Her hair is adorable in those little pigtails, and what a sweet expression! I love that age and the things they come up with! The other day, my grandson, who is 3, ask his mommy. “Mommy, where is MY wife?” Now THAT was an interesting question!

  7. @Hutch5 – HOW did those cupcakes turn out?  YUM.  My cake was gone in less than 24 hours and I only got one piece. However, I did enjoy eating the extra frosting.  LOL@Elizabethmarie_1 – I didn’t  use fresh rosemary on my pizza….but I should have!  I will be using it as much as I can, I LOVE rosemary. 

  8. @celebratinglifeandmotherhood – Oh no, no, you did not discourage me one bit!  I loved your comments and I was teasing you in my response, (((happy hugs))), I truly am hoping that I CAN keep my plants alive, as I also have one sad plant in my room, hiding, which I am trying to bring back to life again.  I hope you get your green thumb back! 

  9. @purpleamethyst76 – they were way too good!! i like to save the extra frosting in a tupperware and pull it out of the fridge to snack on. πŸ˜‰ dangerous!!!! i found reese this morning behind the couch eating the last one! i think she knew she better hurry before her brother or sisters woke up!! hee hee. :))

  10. The picture of the eggs…I just adore “real” eggs. This is such a comfy cozy post. I love Sarah’s little smile and her pony tails…SO cute! My rosemary bush is out front, looking more like a small tree now. I put a sprig in a pot with water and chunks of orange and heated it on the stove. Divine.

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