it’s very bright in here



Yesterday was a full house.  Besides my own seven children, we had two extra teenagers over for the day.  My friend Kathy also came over with four of her little ones.  I remember my mom taking a picture of the shoes by the door after my brother Isaac came home from school one day with a big group of friends….that’s me now.  The shoes and coats by the door were incredible, I pointed them out to Kathy and we laughed. 

For lunch *for a crowd*, I used Pioneer Woman’s fantastic recipe for pizza dough (from her cookbook), and seriously cut back on the cheese topping.  I realized, after watching one of 94 year old Clara’s youtube videos, that there really is no need for an abundance of cheese.  It’s much easier to eat and a lot more healthy with just a generous sprinkling.  Kathy helped me, and Davy made one pizza himself, too.  We made  a total of five pizzas and they were ALL GONE right away.  All fifteen of us liked the pizza and then, oh joy, Kathy cleaned up while I drank coffee at the table.

The children are back to school today and I admit, I enjyed the quieter mornin

After getting Seth and Sarah settled, I walked over the hard snow to the chicken coop.  The ponds were so pretty.  They have a new layer of ice on top from the rain we got yesterday.  I could hear a bird singing in the woods and I wondered what it was.

There is a long path through the snow to the coop.  The chickens were happy to see me with their daily bowl of kitchen scraps.  I carried a grocery bag in my pocket to carry the fresh eggs home in.  We have so many eggs now, I need to find customers and lots of recipes using 3 or more eggs. 

I could hear Sarah talking away, so I snuck upstairs to see what they were doing.  She was taking stickers out of Caleb’s sticker book, and Seth was standing on a chair looking at things on the bookshelf.

I was disappointed in Seth yesterday when he broke the door completely off Sarah’s pottery barn kitchen sink!!!!!!!

Sarah says, “Daddy has to fix this.”

Seth isn’t feeling well, he started running a fever last night.  He lays around with his bear and then gets up to try and play.

Sarah hurt her finger five days ago, she touched the treadmill while it was running and got a burn blister.  She’s been babying the finger and keeps it wrapped up in her blanket as she wanders around the house.  It had a bandaid on it until last night when I had to force her to let me take it off so it could dry.  Thankfully, she’s been forgetting about it now and then today, and using her hand again.  Silly girlie.

What to do with a sick boy and a one-handed girl?  A nice little puzzle and lots of reading.  We are enjoying Jan Brett books very much, especially The Gingerbread Baby.

What would February in the Northeast be without the end of winter blues?  I finally gave in and bought a light, according to the suggestions of several of my xanga pals through the years.

I’m using it for the first time, as I type.


0 thoughts on “it’s very bright in here

  1. that first picture with the two chairs by your pond looks like a travel ad! love it.and… i have boys that break things too. and sick kids today. a light like yours is sounding good about now. :)hope that little seth is feeling better soon. and sarah’s hand too.

  2. What a lively household you had. Homemade pizza sounds so yummy. I need to experiment with some GF crust so I could make one for David.So sweet to hear of the daily doings. I like the sun pouring in on Sarah in her crib. Hope Seth feels better quickly.

  3. I love Clara and have seen all her videos! We do overdo everything nowadays don’t we? No wonder everyone has health problems these days… So heavy on the stomach!The picture of Seth and Sarah in/by the crib is so previous and the light from the window spells “home”I would love to buy some of your freh eggs… Too bad I live so fat fat away! But I have a recipe that would use up all your eggs! It’s a recipe for new mamas who want to boost their breast milk production but its so yummy that I could eat it every day! My kids love this stuff . Here is the link in case you want to try it.. you have a wonderful day. It was snowing here a bit ago but has stopped now and is just looking grey. Quite the contrast to yesterday’s weather of brilliant sunshine!

  4. hi shanda…….so where’s the “many a shoe” photo?  i was hoping to see them all lined up!  and please keep us updated on how the light is working for you.  i definitely get that S.A.D. disorder come february (or even january, depending on our winter!).  really curious to know if it works for you.  i may need to invest in one, too! 

  5. A lot of people in Denmark use those lights. In Scandinavia we get very long, dark Winters, and you really do crave some sunshine. It’s been the coldest Winter ever since we moved here 12 years ago. Your family must get lots and lots of omelets, egg sandwiches, and custards!

  6. Beautiful nature photo! Crisp, clear, bright :)You’re welcome to come visit the sunshine state about now if you’re needing some light 😉 Spring will come your way sooner than you think and you’ll be enjoying sunny days with flowers beginning to bloom. I enjoy reading how you enjoy life and make the most of every day! 🙂

  7. Hi, It has been a long time since I have been on here. But wanted to tell you I have one of those lamps. My doc says seasonal depression runs in families. Because some of us don’t absorb vita c like we should. And he recommended that I sit in front of my for a least 15 min a day. Your family is growing so fast. Grace is so growing into her name. Absolutely beautiful. God Bless, Patty

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