good gifts

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  1. hi shanda…….looks like you moved your sectional sofa around – fun!  have another great day tomorrow with the kids home.  i know you will!!

  2. I do and did the same thing every morning when I woke up and having a cup of coffee in hands or a mug of hot cocoa, walk out the backporch with a robe or a thick blanket over me and watch the day … snow, sunrise or rain … or just watching the garden is a soothing thing to do for the spirit & mind. I love your son hugging the dog. Is that a Lab? We have a Black Lab at home and he is adorable but old already. Hah! Was chuckle at the sight of you little one reading Mother Goose for I have wrote on this just now in my blog! My kids love Mother Goose much! hehe …Your life and mine are that so similar – many kids and house chores all day long. I do laundry just for today too – 4x the washing machine working! That thing might break one day for overdone washing for us. LOLWish U a lovely day, my friend! :O)~Sherry~

  3. She looks so great with wavy hair! I remember doing that at her age! You look nice and cozy with your library books! I love love love the red shoes!!!! Love JO

  4. The picutres you capture with your pup in them always make me smile.  I too used to sit outside when it snowed and listen to the quiet hush.  I loved that (and miss it).

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