good gifts

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was when we woke up on Saturday to slow, slow, soft snow coming down.  I sat on the front steps wrapped in a blanket and was mesmerized by the falling bits of snow. 

God knows how to give good gifts.

I braided Grace’s hair in twin french braids, I love the way she looks in braids.  Then, we took them out the next day and her hair was in long waves.

On Saturday afternoon, we went to the library.  I checked out three photography books, one full of vintage photos with cats in them (you had to search at times), one full of portraits of immigrants on Ellis Island, and one of portraits of people from Vermont. 

He satisfies those who are thirsty and the hungry he fills with good things.

The Lord is good.  In times of trouble He protects those who are His, taking care of them.

Leave all your troubles with Him for He cares about you.

You are good and forgiving, Lord, full of constant love for all who pray to you.

Today was President’s day, so the children didn’t have school.  I made two pans of brownies, did laundry all day long, and ran the dishwasher three times.  heart

Grace had a friend over for a few hours, and tomorrow (no school again) they are having more friends over.  This place is buzzing with activity.

My dear husband is putting the little children to bed and we are looking forward to some quiet time together here at the end of the day.


0 thoughts on “good gifts

  1. hi shanda…….looks like you moved your sectional sofa around – fun!  have another great day tomorrow with the kids home.  i know you will!!

  2. I do and did the same thing every morning when I woke up and having a cup of coffee in hands or a mug of hot cocoa, walk out the backporch with a robe or a thick blanket over me and watch the day … snow, sunrise or rain … or just watching the garden is a soothing thing to do for the spirit & mind. I love your son hugging the dog. Is that a Lab? We have a Black Lab at home and he is adorable but old already. Hah! Was chuckle at the sight of you little one reading Mother Goose for I have wrote on this just now in my blog! My kids love Mother Goose much! hehe …Your life and mine are that so similar – many kids and house chores all day long. I do laundry just for today too – 4x the washing machine working! That thing might break one day for overdone washing for us. LOLWish U a lovely day, my friend! :O)~Sherry~

  3. She looks so great with wavy hair! I remember doing that at her age! You look nice and cozy with your library books! I love love love the red shoes!!!! Love JO

  4. The picutres you capture with your pup in them always make me smile.  I too used to sit outside when it snowed and listen to the quiet hush.  I loved that (and miss it).

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