abbie and grace


Cousin Abbie spent the weekend with us.  She and Grace had a nice time together, doing girl things.  But they weren’t always upstairs in Grace’s room, they went outside several times and did a lot of hanging around the brothers, too. 

Abbie is a year younger than Grace.  (12 and 13)



My sister and Abbie lived with us for about a year and half, way back when Abbie was two years old.  In some ways, they are more like sisters than cousins.




It was fun doing a little five minute photoshoot with them, in between the giggles.


There was no school again today.  We got so much snow during the blizzard that a lot of our town is still digging out.  Not only did we get all that snow, but today we are getting freezing rain on top of it.  Some of my children are predicting another snowday tomorrow and I wouldn’t be surprised.

We tidied up the house and I currently have lots of bread dough rising. 

Here is an update on each of the children:

Jacob–has been doing a lot of art lately, and just completed another painting.

Ethan–has a sore throat.

Grace–is very interested in all things “Sherlock Holmes”.

David and Caleb–have been searching the house and all the toy boxes for Lego man pieces and marbles.

Seth–loves having the siblings home during the day and is so much easier to handle when they are all here.

Sarah–got new pants and a new shirt yesterday and has been stylin’ all day in her sparkly shoes.  She sat on the counter while I mixed up the bread and begged for pieces of the dough to nibble on.






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