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Do you have it, too?  An extra compulsion to clean and organize your house?  It happens to me every January.

I had SUCH a productive morning.  I cleaned and organized several of my kitchen cuboards, including my baking supplies.  I had a crate of new quart-sized mason jars and used them to organize my goods; coconut, cocoa powder, kosher salt, thick-cut oats, farro, chocolate chips, etc.  Everything is in jars now, neatly labeled.  In order to clear some space, I also took things downstairs to storage that I don’t use often (like my huge waffle maker and deep fat fryer).

I took down the ornaments from the Christmas tree, with help from Seth and Sarah (they loved helping).  I packed everything away as neatly as I could, and labeled every box on the top and the side.  All the Christmas stuff is on the very top shelf of my downstairs pantry shelves.  I plan on making an announcement to the children, warning them not to touch the Christmas things until next December.  (David and Caleb love to rummage).

I also cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed the livingroom.

After I was done, and we had eaten lunch, and right before I was about to put the littles down for their naps the school nurse called me.  (“what now”, I thought) She said that Ethan had hurt his ankle in gym class, it was swelling up, and he needed to be picked up.  It was 19 degrees outside, so I ran out to start my vehicle before getting Seth and Sarah all bundled into coats, shoes, and hats.  When I pulled up to the school, the nurse wheeled Ethan out in a wheelchair!  What a sight.  Ethan is a very cheerful personality and, even though he can’t believe he hurt himself, he is very accepting of his new, temporary lame-ness. 

I got him set up on the couch, it was naptime, and quiet in the house, so the two of us decided to watch a movie.  And what a movie it was, perfect to watch with teenage boys.  We highly recommend it.

OCTOBER SKY  “A beautifully engrossing true story about a boy who puts his thinking, creative mind above the herd — with inspiring results. Well written and acted, an excellent example of how the determined individual can rise above fear and conformity. A young high school senior, faced with a dreary future as a coal miner in West Virginia, works furiously to build a rocket in the wake of the Russian Sputnik launch of the late 1950’s.”  ~Dr. Hurd (from his recommended movie list)

And guess what?  It’s a book, too!  (now on our reading list)


 Happy Thursday!


0 thoughts on “a great movie

  1. Ouch! So sorry he got hurt. Is it a sprain? We liked that Movie as well. A great one to watch with a teen. Can you send me some of that clean up energy?? Working on some of that around here. I always want to clear out after Christmas too. We leave decorations up til after Jan 6th doing the whole 12 days of Christmas. I have made a couple update posts πŸ™‚ Finally!

  2. poor kid!!! Hope it heals quickly so he is back up and moving soon!And now that I’m starting to find more energy again, I have been working on our house. I’m sure this spring + nesting is going to be insane, ha!

  3. The last 2 days I have gone on a huge cleaning/ organizing rampage as well, it feels sooo good. Today I still have a bit more I want done but not much:) I hope your son gets better. Thanks for the movie suggestion, I needed one and I love true stories.

  4. It’s great that you got to organizing the place like that; inspirational. Same thing about your son’s attitude. As for the movie: that was a much appreciated suggestion, really. Timely!

  5. Yes, something about being stuck indoors makes me yearn for “wide open space” even if it’s just a bit more space in the cupboard. I’ll keep the movie in mind.

  6. I agree, that’s a great movie. I don’t get the cleaning itch… ever. I have to schedule it into my daily routine or it would not happen at all. I wish I was wired more like you!

  7. yep. i have a compulsion to clean, but it’s usually every day. :/ i think i need therapy. ha! ;)) i’m leaving my tree and decorations up for now~ i can feel the itch to get it all down and everything dusted and back to normal, but i’m resisting as long as i can! πŸ™‚ poor ethan. hope it heals fast~ and love that movie too! we watched it with our grade 9 girls at youth group. i especially loved the testimony at the end of the women who played the mom.. so touching! i pray that movie causes young girls to think and re evaluate abortion. happy new year my friend! gonna come back around to catch up on your other post i’ve missed.. right now ben is nagging.. i mean, asking me to take him to the ski hill. :)) gotta run.xo.

  8. Yes, I get the cleaning bug too – but this year, thanks to my broken leg, that so is not happening in my house 😦 And the movie – I live in the town/city where that took place. My FIL used to work for Warner VonBraun and remembered when it happened (He is deceased now). And my daughter met his wife at the local credit union! Just another comment from a gal who lives in the ‘Rocket City’ a.k.a. Huntsville AL! Hope Ethan will heal up quickly!

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