snow, ice, stars

I was surprised by how very cold it was.  Grace and I wanted to go for a walk in the freshly fallen snow on Sunday.  I had to send her back to the house to get more clothes on.  It was the wind that chilled us to the bone.

We had avoided the woods for over a month (during hunting season) because our woods are visited frequently by lots of hunters.  I had missed the woods, and it was satisfying to be out in them, again. 

There is nothing like leaning against a tree, solid and sure.  In fact, I sometimes hug them.

On this blustery day, the tops were swaying back and forth.  Trees do bend, more than I would think they could.  The wind was strong enough to make me wonder if I would get hit by fallen branches……

…..but the risk was well worth it, as the beauty of snow blowing through the air was deep-down lovely and good for the soul.

We came out into the open field.

And visited the half-frozen stream.

Snow was blown through my hair, which whipped and snapped around my face.  (I did so wish for a hat!)  The sun had NO warmth whatsoever.

There was so much beauty, my heart ached and I said, “Oh Grace, will YOU go for walks like this with your children when you’re grown?”

The words were just barely from my lips when she was saying “NO” quite emphatically.  “I will NOT take my children for walks in the winter.  In the summer, in the spring, in the fall, YES, but NOT the winter.  They will have to go for walks on their own.”

At home, we met up with Caleb, who was having fun in snow piles.



I was weepy this morning.  Although all is well, I missed very much all the children and my husband.  Rich went back to work today and the children all left for school.  The house was missing them.  I was missing them.  I love to focus on Seth and Sarah, so I spent a little time re-evaluating our mornings and reminding myself of what we love to do; sing, dance, read books, clean, bath-times, and nature.

So I bundled them up after lunch for some fresh air.  I pulled them around in the yellow plastic sled.  I let Seth go sledding (he loved it), and we also played on the edge of the frozen pond.  Sarah was timid and needed encouragement to step onto the ice.  But Seth was ready for anything, and was soon slipping, sliding, spinning, and falling.

Bright, happy face.


Sarah only fell once, very gently, onto her bottom.

It was enough to completely ruin her fun.  It was time for naps.

I asked Seth if he wanted hot chocolate and he said, NO, he wanted it warm.

Let me show you what I worked on last night at the table:

Paper stars!  I’m taping them on the windows and they are so pretty.


( PS.  I had a few friends ask about how to make the stars.  I bought a kit on sale at Barnes and Noble.

You use origami paper (cut it in fourths or eighths), fold, and glue.  You could probably find directions online, too. )


0 thoughts on “snow, ice, stars

  1. ooh, I love the paper stars!It cracks me up that she will NOT go on walks with her children in the winter, they’ll have to go without her!Today is my first day back to work. I’m sad to be here with the sweet ones at home and not in school.

  2. love all the pictures! so beautiful – makes me miss the snow when we lived in boys say the same thing when i ask if they want hot chocolate… “no mama… i want warm chocolate” =)

  3. The woods are lovely in winter. Grace must have been COLD. Funny. Sarah is like a rolly polly in all her layers. I feel with you, I felt some sadness the last couple days now that the Grandbabies are gone. Just loved their sweetness. Looking forward to some more productive days as David improves.

  4. hi shanda…….it has been so cold here, too, with the other night being below zero!  our lake is frozen over enough for skating and walking on which the kids really enjoy.  i don’t always look forward to the time it takes to bundle up (and unbundle!), but once i’m out there, the cold air can really give me some energy and life.  although it is sad how the sun can be shining without warmth – i know what you mean.  good for you for getting the kids out as much as you do!  and i too would like to know the directions for the paper stars – lovely!!

  5. THere are hunters in your forest? Uh, that is quite dangerous on hunting season. Better avoiding this at that time.Oh, wow … it is really winter there at your place. Look at how thick those snow are … and the ice down the river … you can do skating immediately.You look pretty there! I love the snapping hair pic! Awesome! hehe …The stars are lovely! Reminds me of Christmas again! LOL

  6. just lovely! I made those stars a while back. I still have on in the window next to the changing table for my littlest to look at. SO fun! I made some using online directions and leftover tissue paper from gifts.

  7. how incredibly beautiful. all white and glistening in the sun! 🙂 I understand about being weepy, I am weepy tonight, my hubby is back up north. I miss him so much. I will also be missing my kids once school starts back next week.

  8. I love the paper stars and as I feel I always say, I just love the area where you live!!! I have not seen a single snow flake all season and it makes me sad. I love each season for all the joys and woes each can bring, and one of my favorite things to do is watch snow fall. It rarely happens where we live in GA, but when it does, it just makes my heart sing. I dream of moving north one day (I have family in upstate NY) but my husband dreams of summer year-round in his native land of South FL. I suppose we are stuck here for several more years ;)Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful winter wonderland!!! It makes my heart sing to see it and know that someone out there is truly enjoying it!

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