Davy’s haircut; before and after



David needed some tender loving care.  He was walking around the house with a big head of crazy hair.  This morning I finally had the energy to tackle it.  With five boys, I have some experience through the years in providing hair cuts.  I’m not a professional by any means but I can get the job done with these handy clippers, and save a few dollars in the meantime.  The older boys won’t let me touch their hair anymore but the little ones still have no choice but to tolerate it.  It’s a fine time together.  Me, humming and buzzing away, and the poor boy underneath, itching, scratching, and complaining about it all.  But secretly, I think it’s all part of the fun.

Isn’t he handsome?  10 years old, he is, and a remarkable boy.  Now sporting a MOM-approved and crafted hair style.


0 thoughts on “Davy’s haircut; before and after

  1. Very handsome indeed! Daddy Bob is the haircutter around here, he even got to cut the grandbabies hair this year. David has our friend cut his as she is a professional, and teen boys are a bit more particular I know I need to update…been way occupied with littles here…the house gets a tornado named Malachi every day! They leave for St. Kitt’s tomorrow though, so I expect there will be time coming up.

  2. Long hair or short, your Davey is a special and handsome young man! Hubby cuts my hair, and I admit to doing a bit of squirming, sighing and such! Saving dollars is certainly a good reason to let him do it! Europe is an expensive continent, and Denmark has a very high cost of living. We stretch every kroner!

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