week of Christmas; random photos

“Family Happinesses”

so often the little unexpected moments are what make me reach for the camera…..funny, sweet, and all-good.  I love my family!


The flu made us all sleep twice as much as usual.  It made for some very cozy times.


Sarah sleeping on the couch.



Boys sleeping on the couch.


Handsome man sleeping in my bed.


One afternoon we could not find Caleb.  Rich finally found him….sleeping in the boy’s closet with the door shut!


Christmas Eve cinnamon rolls, before bed snack.


Caleb brought a slab of ice to the house so I could see it.


Seth looking through slab of ice.



David was so discusted by this bowl of chicken scraps.


I had cleaned out the fridge and gave the bowl of yuck to David to walk to the chicken coop.  I got a good chuckle out of it.


Caleb and Seth made Christmas pictures.


Caleb started making his own peanut butter and jelly sandwich and when he asked me to open the peanut butter jar I noticed all the JELLY he had used.  I scraped it off and measured it.  Apparently Caleb thinks 3/4 of a cup of strawberry jelly is the *just right* amount. 



I played with play dough with the little ones and made this dough man.


David staring at the tree and dreaming of Christmas.



Christmas day, 2012


When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. 
~Joyce Brothers

0 thoughts on “week of Christmas; random photos

  1. Oh Shanda, looks like the flu hit everyone really hard. Glad that some times of rest could be found so that healing could take place. those pics of Sarah sleeping are so precious. Those quilts or blankets on your couch (where the boys are sleeping) look so nice and cozy. i love them.and that last picture of Rich and Sarah…so wonderful! Glad that you guys had a grand time.

  2. We all are ill here … did I mention that before? I guess too many … lolYes, we all slept more than twice, I think. Struggle to keep the eyes open and if I woke up then I feel so bored.Nothing much to do after all the small houseworks are done and then off to sleep again … hehe …I love the photos! Those are the sweet moments, yes … only we mothers knows this … We always take TOO MANY pics of our family to which we ALWAYS think that is sweet, this is sweet, that is cute, this is cute … LOLBe well! All of ya!

  3. Your pictures look like our house today. I have two girls in bed, two boys on one couch, one boy on the other and a husband who is on his way home to go to bed.The house is so quiet and peaceful…I am afraid to make any noise. Hope you are all feeling better soon. Caleb in the closet..that is so funny. I’m sure you were worried for a little while.That is quite the sandwich…lots and lots of jelly! 3/4 cup! Ha!Love the last quote.Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Such sweet pictures. I would love a good sleep! Wouldn’t enjoy the flu, however. Hope you’re all feeling better. Love the bowl of yucky scraps for the chickens. Aww sleeping in the closet. Poor sweet kiddo. Love the glimpse of Grace reading a big thick book while Sarah sleeps 🙂

  5. Had the biggest chuckle over Caleb’s jelly sandwich. Andrew has now started putting his own jelly on his bread too. Love your holiday family photo. It’s amazing how time flies! You have a beautiful family. Andrew saw the picture and asked, “Are those my friends?” I answered, “Yes, except you haven’t met them yet.”

  6. @dearly_beloved77 – So good to hear from you, my friend!  I love your answer to Andrew–very true–  Thank you for the Christmas card.  I looked at it for a while.  I’m still so happy you have a boy AND a girl (your family is beautiful, too).  Yes, time flies.  Jacob will be 16 on Monday.  (!!)

  7. Our David once went to sleep on a laundry bag in the hall closet. He had gone up stairs greatly out of sorts and was hiding from us. Turned out he was very tired, so the nap helped all around Hope you are all feeling well now. Love the snap shots into life at your house!

  8. Shanda,I’m sorry to hear that you all were sick. Love to follow your family, even though I only know you thru Xanga. I would love to have your cinnamon roll recipe, I’ll bet it’s fantastic.Thanks,Amber

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