this morning

(Seth and his friend Bethany, with some of the cookies we baked.)


It has been a busy morning.  Seth, Sarah, and I had to bundle up and go out in the drizzly rain to the store.  We had run out of both laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent.  While I was getting us ready, the phone rang and it was my friend Kathy.  We made quick plans for her to come over for a visit and bake cookies while our children played together.  I had enough time to go downtown to get my errands done. As soon as we got back, I put Seth in the bath to play (he had been begging me for a bath all morning).  After I got him settled, I listened to the answering machine and heard a message from the school nurse; Jacob was sick.  I ran into the bathroom and pulled a disappointed Seth right back out, made him get dressed, put coats back on everyone and out we went to get our sick boy from High School.

(There are police cars parked outside all the schools now.  It is for peace of mind and as a safety precaution.  Everyone’s nerves are on edge and I am sad to see the police there, I remind myself that they want to keep the children safe and that is a comfort.)

We got home from our dash to the school and a few minutes later our friends arrived.  Jacob got comfortable on the couch and I gave him blankets and medicines.

Kathy brought her favorite recipe for cherry dream cookies and we mixed up a quadruple batch, talking continually. 


After baking, we had time to sit, look at magazines, and talk some more.  We also exchanged Christmas gifts.  I gave her a sweater and she gave me a chunky (very cool) necklace with big green beads.  Kathy had to leave at one and I put Seth & Sarah down for naps.  They played hard all morning (including torturing the cat) so I know they are good and tired (and will maybe take a long one?).  I turned off the lights.  It’s a gloomy day outside; the glow of the Christmas tree, and the candle on the table are so pretty.  Jacob is sleeping on the couch after throwing up several times.   Yes, it appears the stomach bug has struck.  sad  Soon Grace will be home from school and then, after another hour, David and Caleb will also be home.  Ethan has a basketball game today.  He sprained his ankle yesterday so we aren’t sure how much he will be able to play.

I smell like butter, flour, and almond extract.  I’m enjoying a cup of coffee.  Later on I’ll go downstairs and do my daily two miles on the treadmill.

I thought it would be fun to just sit and document the morning.  I’m in such a busy stage of life, with no idea of what each hour will bring. 


Happy Tuesday, friends!  ((((loves))))

0 thoughts on “this morning

  1. Love to hear about your day. It is so cute to see the kids with the cookies, and Sarah’s hair is adorable! So Sorry that Jacob got the stomach bug, I will pray it doesn’t go around your family.

  2. I actually thought of you guys when I first heard about what happened.I’m sure it really shook you being so close.Your day sounds lovely. I always love the little peeks into your life.I hope your son feels better soon, and hopefully that bug doesn’t go through the whole family.Happy Tuesday to you.

  3. I wonder if your friend would share her cookie recipe… Would you ask for me? Does she have a blog?Stomach bug has hit here too but seemed to stop with one!!! Hope it stayed that way. I’m glad to hear there are police outside of the schools there!! That’s kind of reassuring!You always look so pretty in your pictures!My life is as you describe! Very unpredictable at times:) The necklace sounds pretty! Friends are a treasure to have!

  4. It all sounds lovely — except the part about poor Jacob having the flu. Although I am older now, and my life is usually must calmer, I do have to say there are days when I miss YOUR kind of life! I don’t think I have the stamina anymore to keep it up, though! This last time when I was visiting my daughter in N.Ireland, (when she had the baby) I was taking care of my little almost 2 year old granddaughter, washing and hanging copious amounts of laundry, cleaning, shopping and cooking. I came home to Denmark TOTALLY worn out! I loved it all, though. I guess that’s why God gives children to young people! I would do it all again, though. My heart (and camera) took so many pictures. I am missing my babies a lot right now. Mailing gifts is not nearly as wonderful as being there to see them opened. Still, you bloom where you are planted, and I am thankful to be useful to God here. Today I am icing MANY cookies and preparing my annual cookie baskets for all our neighbors in the building. Blessings to you, sweet lady, and to your lovely family as well.

  5. my kids were sick this past week too. 😦 your day sounds like mine… always going. 🙂 baking with a friend sounds lovely. good for you for getting on the treadmill daily. do you run or walk?

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