slow and cozy weekend



Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening
to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.  ~Pooh’s Little
Instruction Book
, inspired by A.A. Milne


My husband was in D.C. for three days last week.  Jacob and Grace had an all-nighter with youth group on Friday.  Saturday became a napping day for my tired family.  At one point, I counted four family members sleeping in the livingroom at the same time; three children on the couch and Rich on the floor. 


After a slow morning, we ate lunch, left Jacob and Grace sleeping, and went outside for a little fresh air.  It was cold and crisp.

David walked to the stream and found an Icicle Store where all the icicles were free.


Taking time out each day to relax and renew is essential to living well. ~Judith Hanson Lasater


Caleb went to icicle store, too.


Seth (three years old) wanted to take a picture of his mama.  It is a struggle for him to hold my camera and push the button at the same time.  This is the picture he took.


Sarah was in her crib, sleeping, Rich and Ethan were working on their four-wheeler trail, and I took the three little boys up to the field.  We were looking for pinecones and acorns to make into ornaments for the tree.

There was great joy from the boys when they discovered the “wheat”.  They wanted to make flour.  I told them it wasn’t wheat.  “What?  Not wheat? What is it then?”  David wouldn’t believe that it was ordinary grass, and finally decided that it was tobacco. 

They sat with me, we looked up at the sky.  I laughed when the tore off their shoes and socks and threw themselves down the hill to roll and roll.  My precious, happy children. 

We were still looking for nature treasures on our way home.  I found a frozen-solid puff mushroom.  When I pulled it up, I discovered diamonds underneath.  I tried it on and it fit! 


When we got home it was discovered that Caleb had left one sock behind in the field.

More and more of our hens are laying now.  Last night I counted 11 eggs on the kitchen counter, in the blue ceramic egg crate.

David wanted warm chocolate chip cookies so bad.  I take the cravings of a ten year old boy seriously.  Unfortunately, we had the eggs but no chocolate chips.  He had to make do with leftover fudge.

After our sugary snack, we slept. Everyone except Ethan.  Eight peacefully sleeping family members in the middle of the day, this, I believe, was a first. 


 On Sunday, our Pastor preached a comforting sermon, including some ideas on how to minister to the broken hearted.

1.  Accept the reality that life is not always easy, with many days of darkness.

2.  Accept the fact that there may not be any answers for whatever bad thing happened.   “The secret things belong to the Lord.”  Deut. 29:29

3.  Recognize our oneness with everybody.

“Show proper respect to everyone.”  1 Peter 2:17

“Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people.”  Galatians 6:10

4.  Weep with those who weep.  Be sincere. 

5.  Love them.


Today my love is at work and the children are at school.  I am at home with Seth and Sarah.  I need to do some cleaning (I’ll make them help!) and during their naptime I’ll continue wrapping presents.  I also plan on finding the glitter and glue so we can make ornaments when the kids get home.

Have a wonderful day, friends.

0 thoughts on “slow and cozy weekend

  1. So good to know they can all rest and sleep! That is cozy. I like being able to recognize where you all are…and eggs from the hens, so glad for you! Comforting and wise words from your Pastor.

  2. I love it when the kids are sleeping in one room all together. When they sleep, I realized how peaceful they look like and they have no worry of tomorrow – well, not yet. And I want that sort of look on their faces stay for a long time. Unlike us adults, we sleep with some expression indescribeable written on our faces because we go to sleep with worries in our head and waking up with all the worries STILL in our head … So, is way of Life.haha I like the wheat thing! It does looks like it. LOL

  3. Wait did I miss it? Did you write about those gloves and I did not see it? They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool! That is one of the best VERY BEST pics of you EVER!I bet you are thrilled to have him back!Love, JO

  4. I think naps are sometimes a necessary goodness. You took some great pictures, and the one your son took of you.. awesome. It’s great that some of you got outside for some fresh air and sunshine. I too like your free icicle store. That made me smile even more.

  5. @Joanna – I never wrote about the gloves.  But, when I bought them, I thought “Joanna would love these!”  LOL  Thank you for what you said about the picture.  And yes, I am SO glad to have Rich back with some vacation time coming up for Christmas!

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