first snow of the season




The snow started coming down as I was driving home from Bible Study yesterday.  Seth saw it out the windows and said, “It’s snow?  It’s Christmas now!”

I kept glancing at the temperature; 35 degrees -and such a cold wind, making it seem even colder.  I was thankful that I had gotten Seth and Sarah their winter coats just a week ago.

When I stopped the car in the driveway, we hopped out to see the snow.  I was curious to see the expressions of my two youngest ones who don’t remember much of last year’s snow.  It was so cold we didn’t stay out for long.


Can you see the wonder in their faces?


Hours later, the snow was still coming down.

I took this picture through the living room window.



I assured Ethan that there would still be school the next day, but sure enough, we both got up at 5:30 a.m. only to discover that our school was CLOSED.



I had to go take care of my chickens and ended up wandering around to see the unbelievable sights (wasn’t it JUST summer?)

The ponds were so pretty.  It’s not cold enough for them to freeze and they are still dark, soft, glowing liquid.

Like giant, rippling mirrors.



This is the stream which borders our property; another place of wonder and magic.



Parker, our dog, couldn’t follow me because of his hidden fence, so he just stood and looked longingly at me, letting out a few excited barks now and then.

By the time I had meandered to the edge of the woods, two of my boys had come outside to enjoy the snow.

Caleb (7 years) and Davy (10 years).  They both got up after I took the picture and requested their own personal copies. 

I handed the camera to Davy and he took a picture of me in my snow clothes.

Honking geese flew overhead and he aimed the camera right up to the sky and took this picture;

They found ice hanging off the dock and ate it. A simple, delicious treat.

David threw this poor hen out the coop window and she was so afraid of landing in the snow that she hung off the fence for a minute before dropping down.  She went straight back home to the coop.



When I came back to the house Sarah got right up to my face with her big eyes and said, “YOU CAME BACK!”

It’s 8:09 a.m. and the boys are getting ready to make snow men.



0 thoughts on “first snow of the season

  1. Oh boy, the first snow!! I always find it amazing how much the landscape changes from the drab colors of the end of fall to that winterland with the coating of snow. No school? THAT is an extra special treat 😉

  2. The first snow is always so exciting. We had a few flurries on Tuesday and my kids were hoping for more. I have winter loving boys who can’t wait to snowboard and sled.The pictures along your stream and pond are so Beautiful with a capital B.Enjoy your snow day! 🙂

  3. My children also think snow means Christmas. We had flurries all day Monday and they started in with the Christmas music until I said, “No Christmas music before Thanksgiving!” Then they started using the tunes of the Christmas songs to make up songs about Thanksgiving. Enjoy your snow day!

  4. What a beautiful and fun post! I felt like I was there with you. 🙂 The pictures are gorgeous and I love the snow coats you bought for your little ones. You have great taste, Momma!  The expressions on their faces are so sweet and priceless too. And I think my very favorite picture is of you in your snow clothes. Thanksf or being real. You are always beautiful! (((hugs)))

  5. what a beautiful winter wonderland! It sure doesn’t feel like we’re living in the same country right now with you having snow on the ground already?!? Winter can’t be here already?! How fun to get to enjoy the first snow at home though for your kids! BTW love your snow clothes ;)Poor chicken getting her toes all cold like that-what a shocking feeling :p

  6. So excited! I really do live the seasons through you Shanda! Yikes, your littles are looking so big, walking around in their warm jackets, especially Seth! I do see the awe and wonder though…how special! Your “girls” must have been shocked at all that white stuff. I don’t blame the one for wanting to go back home. The ponds and stream do look magical. Funny, I recognize your snow outfit, it is very similar to my gardening outfit when we lived in a cottage with a backyard LOVE the pic of Caleb and Davy in the snow…brothers, first snow, memories.

  7. Wow. It’s so beautiful. My favorite picture is the one looking through your window at the road…but they are all so beautiful…it’s hard to pick just one. I, too, feel like I am living your seasons with you.I am wearing shorts today and have the windows open. :-/Stay warm!

  8. Hello Shanda, What lovely snow. It’s absolutely breathtaking! Love your “snow” outfit It was so nice to take a minute to catch up with your family. Sarah looks so grown up? Wasn’t she just a baby the other day? She’s precious!And Grace! She’s growing into such a fine young lady….and so beautiful! Just like her Mama How fun that your have some in Jamaica. What an experience that will be. I’m sure you miss them terribly!I enjoyed my visit here, thanks for sharing your smiles and love.~Cinnamon

  9. You are hilarious! I was not expecting the bright blue robe in contrast to your bundled up boys! I SMILED AND THOUGHT “That’s what I love about her” even your face expression made me laugh and wish I was walking around with you! As I read this I am wearing my brown robe, see I am all set to go! :)Your property looks PERFECT!!!! The picture with the coop is mag worthy.

  10. trees are beautiful in your State, I like treesdo you live near the sea, Atlantic Ocean ?I have post some photos on my new blog, but it’s difficult because I am not a specialist of internet, I must learn that but my husband have no time to help me . I have four children , three daugthers and one boy : Agnès, Bénédicte and Elisabeth and a boy FrançoisYou have a beautiful family 

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