Yesterday, David and I had the unhappy business of saying a fond farewell to dear friends, because they are moving away.  Karen has been my dear friend for over 10 years.  We met at church and as we are both believers, our friendship has a beautiful spiritual quality to it, as we are not only friends, but sisters in Christ.

So much has happened in the last 10 years and Karen has been there for me through it all.  She shares a love of domestics and although we had grand plans on learning crazy-quilt stitches (she even went so far as to photocopy her booklet of designs for me), we never quite got to it.  We both love to cook, we both love the woods and the magic of them (elves, fairies, and mushrooms), we love books, quiet things, and the simple pleasures of life like a good bar of pretty soap, fiestaware, vintage Holly Hobbie, and Kate Greenaway’s illustrations.

We’ve made friendship memories over stew on the first day of Fall, pumpkin pancakes in the small apartment Rich and I used to live in with our toddlers, good tea, good chocolate, coffee, and cookies.  She knows stories of my childhood, and I know the stories of her’s.

We are both wives and mamas,and love our homes.  Our husbands are friends and our boys–David and Leo–are buds, and have grown together to be fine young men.  Our littlest ones, Sarah Joy and Charlie, are about the same age, and last year we nursed our babies together on my front porch.  Oh, I shall miss her.

I’m thankful that although her mind and life are currently in a whirl, preparing to move, she was able to take the time to come over “one last time” before she left.

Our mutual dear friend, Kathy, also came.  The three of us have done so many fun things together, with lots of talk and laughter, and yes, also a sprinkling of sorrows.  Growing though life with good friends is such a gift from God.

Yesterday, as I prepared for my friends, I made homemade soup and bread.  Lit candles.  And when they arrived, it was like it always is; chaos with the little ones running around, as their mamas neglected them to have a good ol’ gab session. 

David and Caleb stayed home from school to spend the day with Leo and they had a good time playing with their guns, jumping on the trampoline, and sitting on the roof.




“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”   CS Lewis

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”   Elbert Hubbard










When they left, we hugged.  I said, “Don’t go!” and I called her sweetie and she said, “I love you.”

There were tears.

I have enjoyed the love of her friendship, for which I am very thankful.  There are promises of a yearly visit and of course there is also email, letters, and maybe she’ll start a blog.  Here’s hoping.

It won’t be quite the same, and that’s the part that makes me sigh.



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  1. This is so beautiful and sad at the same time. So glad though for modern technology! Imagine way back in the day…. You would have lost all contact except for the occasional snail mail. Hope she does start that blog! Good friends are a treasure!

  2. Goodbyes are so hard, I know. My cousin Karen died when she was 24, I miss her very much, but I know we will meet again. She suffered very much and not one complaint. You see, for most of her life she spent in a wheel chair. she was a wonderful person, so full of life. I have also had to say good bye many times to those that have moved away. Keep in touch with her either by phone mail or email those type of friendships are hard to come by, many blessings on you, your friend and both your families

  3. It’s always hard to see a friend leave — they have new things to look forward to, and you have the emptiness of her being gone.  There will be new friends as time goes on, with different, but new and exciting memories to share.

  4. hi shanda…….it seems like forever since i commented – i have been reading and keeping up, though!  so glad you let the boys stay home from school.  sometimes life is just more important, isn’t it?  what a wonderful blessing it is to have special friends.  and speaking of friends, thanks for the card and note.

  5. Oh, I’m sad for you. There’s nothing in this world like a good friend right, who lives right where you do. I have several friends who used to be right where I am but one or the other of us has moved far away and now we continue those friendships online or via mail and the occasional visit. The good thing is that you have that foundation you built when they were close by. It’s still good, just different.

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