apple day



Grace, you’re such a doll.  I love you…and hope you’re having a good day at school today.


Dear Friends,

Hello!  How are you today?  I hope you are well and enjoying your day so far.  I just put Seth and Sarah to bed for nap time and finished up some homemade applesauce.  I have an “apple cider” candle burning on the table, right next to a bouquet of autumn leaves that we picked this morning.  It smells sweetly of apple in the house.

It’s an apple-day here today because yesterday after church we went and got some nice ones from the apple farm that we visit every year.

The lady had two huge apples up by the register.  She said the orchard guys brought them in to show her.  They were bigger than I’d ever seen. 

We bought several varieties of apples, a warm apple pie, a dozen freshly-made donuts, frosted pumpkin cookies, honey, and fudge.

Seth and Sarah sat with me outside this morning as I began peeling…..and peeling…..and peeling.  I honestly should get one of those apple/peeler/corer/slicers that they say work so well.  I peeled some of the skin off my thumb knuckle.  Seth tried to help but he’s still too little.  They both took little nibbles out of a lot of the chunks before I threw them in the pot.  It’s sunny and windy, a very pretty fall day, good for hanging clothes on the line (which I am also busy doing; tackling the laundry mountain).

I finished up the peeling inside, at the table.  I left Seth and Sarah eating their lunch here (in chairs sitting nicely) as I took the scraps down to the chickens.  When  I came back I found them……….

….under the table having a great time.  One of the joys of each day is watching these two develop into best friends.  They do everything together.

I put a little sugar, vanilla, lemon juice, cinnamon, and nutmeg into my homemade applesauce.

The butter is out because in a little while I am going to bake a big pan of my Aunt Mary Ellen’s apple crisp.  Oh, my fat!

Bubbling applesauce.  It tastes that much better, homemade, with a thick, almost creamy consistency.  You close your eyes and say a dreamy, ‘mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’



My soul is delighting in the Lord.  It is a joy to come through spiritually “dry” times and back into a satisfying goodness of His Word.  The preaching yesterday filled me up, as does the Bible study I am participating in, and the book I am reading.  (Life in Jesus, a Memoir of Mrs. Mary Winslow).  Almost every evening lately, after dinner and the children are clearing away the dishes, I sit at the piano and play the old favorite hymns.  Then, in other times, the music and words come back to our minds and I hear the children whistling or humming the familiar songs.


“Every new trial, and every fresh cross, drive me into the very bosom of Jesus; and it seems as if I could lie there, and feel the very throbbings of His loving heart.”

“Whatever draws or drives us to Christ is a mighty blessing.”

“Dear child, all God has said to us in His word is true;  heaven is true, and we are very near it.  It is all around us.  Jesus is there before us–there to welcome us.  Oh, to realize it!”

“My sweetest meditation, lying down and rising up, or walking in the night, is HEAVEN.”

“What would we do, in this poor dying world, without a throne of grace, and a God of grace upon the throne, in our every time of need?  Oh let us keep close to Him who loved us with an everlasting love, and with loving-kindness has drawn us to Himself.”

~Mary Winslow (b. 1774, d. 1855)


0 thoughts on “apple day

  1. We have a favorite spot that sells all the same wonderful things, it’s called Baumans Farms. Their apple donuts are SO delicious! Love the picture of Seth and Sarah under the table. So, so precious. Love the quotes, too. After our vow renewal this weekend, we are breathing in His mercy and I’ve never felt closer to Him. Happy Monday! 🙂

  2. I love the pictures and the apple doughnut sounds/looks heavenly! We use an apple/corer/peeler and it literally takes the work out of the whole process! Those apples are huge and gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  3. I always love your yearly apple post. This one is particularly yummy! Lots of goodies at the farm and at home. The Fall bouquet is wonderful. My favorite apple picture is the bright red apple being eaten while reading a book! Your two little ones being best friends…so so good! Thankful for that. I loved when we had a piano and David and I did Hymns in the morning, so the thought of you playing and singing is a good one. The quotes are the soul quenching kind.

  4. What a great Sunday afternoon you had! And the applesauce sounds fantastic, I can only imagine the smells wafting through your home. I’ve written down the book title, possibly I can find it around here.

  5. This is the first year we didn’t make applesauce. Because of our early warm up and then a summer drought, the orchards didn’t have a lot of apples this year.We were gone on our trip when they had their crop ready and I missed it. I’m not giving up yet!!! =)We have the same toaster as you. Love your canisters!The two under the table are adorable, just adorable!!!That is the BIGGEST apple I have ever seen.Happy Monday to you. =)

  6. I love the pictures and the apple doughnut sounds/looks heavenly! We use an apple/corer/peeler and it literally takes the work out of the whole process! Those apples are huge and gorgeous!!!!!!!!

  7. It’s so nice to come HERE (on xanga) and read your entire post and take in the warmth of your pictures. All that apple yumminess and oh, my appleness…that one is humungous! Frineds of ours have 2 apple trees that produced alot, and we have benefited from that with a promise of more. So, tonight I surprised my hubby with an apple crisp. Normally, he does the baking, so this was a treat for him! I loaned my very nice peeler to the nice friends with apples and so I had to peel ours with a knife, but it was a joy to do. My hand will hurt tomorrow! NOW, I’m craving apple cider donuts!!!

  8. I see your to do list was accomplished, it turned out really nice! That apple WAS huge!!! Can you message me about your stove, I thought you could not put a pan on a burner for an extended period of time if the pan was bigger than the burner. I have a glass top too and really want to get a bigger pan like that for canning. Has R. ever had a beard before, I am trying to remember. Do you like it? I love the Mr Edwards look on Steve!Jake looks extra tall in the one picture where he is standing next to his dad.I know this note is all over the place, I miss you!

  9. Oh you need a Victorio Strainer – no peeling needed – after you cook the apples, the strainer separates the peelings from the apple and makes the rest into sauce – we always had a bit of pineapple juice to ours, but nutmeg and vanilla sound good too. 🙂 It’s also fun to pick your own fresh fruit – looks like your family has a lot of fun together!

  10. I have the exact same candle flickering at this very moment!… A glass dish of red strawberries beside… My littlest by the counter spreading a bagel. I can relate to your posts so much! I too recently came out of a 3 day dry time… It was terrible… So glad to be on the other side!Have a wonderful day… The apple sauce sounds super yummy!

  11. @fourkidsonemom – I love that you and your husband renewed your vows.  That’s so touching and romantic.  God bless you!@onehappymomma – Eli, I don’t know if you have a kindle, but this might be a free download.  It was compiled by her son after her death.  I like reading her honest and sincere thoughts (letters and diary entries), knowing that she never intended for publication.@Joanna – I miss you, too!  Thank you for taking the time to leave me notes here, friend….it’s a treat every time I hear from you.  

  12. @Kara – Kara, you are a gem.  Are you on FB anymore? I’ve had a little stack of fall pics for you that I cut out of magazines.  However, I have lost your address.  Thank you for the blog nomination.  It means a lot to me to know you (as a kindred spirit) are out there, soaking up the same bits of loveliness that I am!  @celebratinglifeandmotherhood – ((love you))  I think of you often, you and your big bunch of beautiful children!  Grace for today, friend, is yours in Jesus’ name!

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