((all together))























i found it.



It was a great morning all together.  After breakfast, we went for a long walk.

It rained a lot yesterday but the sun was out today and we very much enjoyed the beauty all around us.  (there’s nothing like clean woods, I drank the air.)

Up at the top of the mountain we looked over the railings of the look out tower; miles and miles of views.

The days can be so busy with school and scedules, it’s a sweet blessing to have Rich and the children around me on the weekends.  Feels right, and all is well.

We went to Moe’s for a taco lunch after our walk.  I heard someone from another table say, “That’s a large family!”  She was smiling and I did, too.

Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them.  Leo Tolstoy


0 thoughts on “((all together))

  1. A beautiful walk you all got to enjoy! I love to hike, but my hubby n kids don’t feel the same 😦 Oh, there is sooo much life in nature – fresh air after a rain is so refreshing – or the cool crisp early morning air too. I was thinking this week we should soon be watching out for caterpillars – looks like you’ve found one already. :)Love the quote at the end – agree 100%.

  2. I love your ‘large’ family and I love the way you see things through your camera. πŸ™‚ Your blog always touches my heart or inspires me in some way.

  3. Beautiful pictures……I brought my daughter in and we looked at your blog together.  She has been wanting to “see” fall.  We live in the desert and our fall means it is 89 instead of 109.  No trees that turn colors.  Thank you for sharing your world with us.  It is so nice to see a family enjoying one another!May I use the the Leo quote.  It is so true!

  4. Thanks for taking us on the walk with you!We ate at Moes this weekend too..one of my favs! I love how the lady smiled at you, I would too!

  5. @sixAs – Of course, you may use any quotes.  I find them online or in the books I read.  I love the thought of you and your daughter enjoying the season through my camera lens.  I thought of you today when I wrote the latest post.  You will see what I mean if you get a chance to read.  πŸ™‚ 

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