little acts of kindness

Rainy afternoon here.  The window is open a crack and little Sarah is watching the birds at the feeder and putting her hands out to get sprinkles of rain on them.  She feels motherly toward the birds….calling them babies.

I have BBQ pork chops in the crock pot for later, and a peach pie in the oven.  Rich is working late but I still have big and little children to feed and they sure do appreciate a good dinner.

I watched a documentary this afternoon during the S’s naptime.  It’s on instant play (Netflix) and is called “Happy”.  I’m so glad I watched….scribbled down notes, even wiped away tears at times (watching inspiring stories of people from around the world who are living a “poorer”, yet very rich in joy, lifestyle.)

One of the points brought out in the film was that “acts of kindness” toward others produces happy feelings.

Made me think of the last few days, when I was touched by some acts of sweet kindness in the children.

1.  Caleb (7 years old) got “student of the week” and a pencil.  Why?  “A girl in my class wouldn’t pick up her mess so I did it for her.”

2.  On Sunday, we were in a hurry to get out the door and I asked Rich to wet Sarah’s hair down and brush it.  He forgot and buckled her in the car seat with messy head.  I went out and sat in the passenger seat, just in time to see Jacob (15 years) get carefully back in the car with wet hands to smooth down his sister’s hair.  He didn’t know anything about the conversation between Rich and I.  He just saw that she had messy hair and dealt with it himself.  “I’m not sure how to do these hair clips” he said, awkwardly putting it in her hair.  So I re-clipped. 

3.  On Sunday evening, Rich and I were out on our date and the children saw a double rainbow.  When Ethan (14) saw it, he got the camera.




He took it so I could see the rainbow, too.  


Quotes from the documentary:


“Sometimes we only have rice with salt but we are very happy.”

“There is a tremendous sweetness in lifting someone’s burden up.”

“Fundamentalist groups (of religion) are generally not happy.” (but people with a healthy spirituality are happier)

“Any kind of physical activity is very important for the human body.”

“Happiness is not dependent on good or bad events.  In general, people do really good with really bad events.”

“Happy people have close family and friends.”

“Variety is the spice of life.”

“Work in community and experience social bonding, interaction, and cooperation”

“To laugh is very important.”

“It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, just being together makes us happy”  (this is how I feel everyday when we are all home again)


0 thoughts on “little acts of kindness

  1. I will have to check that out too! I am touched by those sweet acts of kindness too, and E’s photo is so lovely. BTW, I love seeing Sarah’s chubby thigh every time I get on here So cute, and their intent business.

  2. Love the picture of the double rainbow Shanda! You are raising such thoughtful boys, I hope my fellas grow up be so thoughtful. You said you watched that documentary on Netflixs? I’m going to add it to my “must watch” list.

  3. that documentary sounds really good Shanda. and those little acts you mentioned in your family are precious. i think if we look for things like that, they are out there way more than we think….i’m going to have to see if i can find a way to watch that doc.happy wednesday!

  4. I fully get seeing the world’s problems and than feeling extremely blessed with the “little” we have!!! I saw an article the other day, about how when the foreclosures came through Sacramento, many lost their cars too. So, here are these people, trying to get back up on their feet (lost their jobs which caused the loss of homes), and now riding a bus to interviews. Made me extremely humbled that I can drive my kids to and from school, have a car, and that nothing has knocked us further down (already in a tiny apartment with three kids). Student of the week rotates with our kids’ classes/teachers… but we do teach our children to acts of kindness… and our chore board reflects values and not just free labor. Such as kindness to strangers (can be to hold a door open, being a gentleman), nice to brother, picking up their own mess (laundry in hamper, bedroom, etc.), but mainly educational things like reading for pleasure, playing their educational games, etc. .~*~._.~*~._.~*~._.~*~._.~*~._.~*~._.~*~. THIS LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING OUR FAMILY WOULD BE INTO… I’LL LOOK INTO WATCHING IT. NEED TO FIGURE OUT WITHOUT NETFLIX THOUGH

  5. Kindness is my favorite thing and it always always makes me cry! I did not read the quotes at the end because I already know I am going to watch it and do not want to read them until I have! I love that you shared with us the kind things your kids did! I am so very happy that you feel better this fall season. I looked up the bible study but they do not have one near me, do they use a book? What makes it stand out to you more than other studies you have done, I am curious!

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